Sergey Brin Net Worth

Net Worth:$96 Billion
Date of Birth: August 21, 1973 - January 1, 1970 (50 years old)
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Profession:Entrepreneur, Businessperson, Computer Scientist, Internet Entrepreneur, Executive Management
Nationality:United State Of America

What is Sergey Brin’s net worth? How does Sergey Brin make his money? Below is the current net worth of Sergey Brin and how Sergey Brin makes his money.

What is Sergey Brin’s Net Worth?

Sergey Brin is an American Russian-born internet entrepreneur and executive manager who has a net worth of $96 billion. Being a co-founder of Google, presently known by its corporate parent firm Alphabet, has contributed to Sergey Brin’s riches.

A fellow graduate student at Stanford University’s computer science school named Larry Page founded the business.


In Moscow, Russia, on August 21, 1973, Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin was born. Sergey and his family left Russia when he was only 6 years old to escape persecution as Jews.

Their ultimate destination was Maryland due to┬áhis father had been assigned to the University of Maryland’s department as a math professor.

It may not come as a shock that Sergey also displayed a remarkable knack for arithmetic difficulties at a young age.

His father gave him at-home education, improving his son’s intellectual abilities and stimulating his interest in computers.


Sergey Brin studied in a graduate computer science program at Stanford University after obtaining his college diploma in May 1993. He met fellow student Larry Page during an orientation event for incoming students.

This friendship would subsequently turn out to be pivotal in shaping the Internet’s future. The partners found it difficult to get along at first. Brin asserts that because we argue all the time, “we both (are) irritating.”

Page came up with the novel concept of analyzing a website’s external links in order to figure out how good it is. For his Ph.d. dissertation, Larry started to write a paper that would describe a novel strategy for web crawling.

The thesis project ultimately got Sergey interested. They rapidly converted BackRub, a search engine that was the first to use backlinks to evaluate the popularity and significance of a website.

They collaborated to produce a study titled “The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine.” The pair established Google Corp. in September 1998. Apparently, the very first domain name was “Googol,” which is a number composed of one followed by one hundred zeros.

One of their Stanford graduate lecturers, David Cheriton, assisted them to finance $100,000. The $100,000 that Cheriton invested would ultimately be worth more than $2.3 billion. Furthermore, they acquired $100,000 from Sun Microsystems founder Andy Bechtolsheim.

On August 20, 2004, Google began trading publicly. Google currently holds a duopoly in web marketing (along with Facebook) and online search, making it the most powerful web corporation in the world. Over 1 billion people use Google apps every day, including search, maps, YouTube, and Gmail.

Google has come under criticism for its monopoly tactics, propensity to eradicate rivals, and capricious regulations and constraints it enforces on websites and apps. Multiple anti-trust investigations against Google were launched in 2019 by a variety of agencies, including the FTC, DOJ, and a Congressional committee.

The charitable branch of Google,, is being used by Brin, an advocate and promoter of alternate energy usage, to endeavor and address global energy and climate challenges. His liquid financial possessions have been channeled to venture capital and investments in green technology.

The Parkinson’s disease research fund has received numerous millions of dollars from Sergey. The ailment affected Sergey’s mother. From Alphabet, he and Larry each receive an annual salary of just $1.


Sergey married web entrepreneur Anne Wojcicki between the years 2007 and 2015. They met via Susan, who later progressed to the post of senior Google executive and authorized Larry and Sergey to launch Google in her garage in 1998. Susan connected them to one another.

Sergey and Anne are parents of two kids. Anne assisted co-found the 23andMe DNA website. Businesswoman Nicole Shanahan and Sergey began dating in 2015 after first meeting at a yoga retreat. Their marriage took place in 2018, and they are now parents.

Sergey’s divorce application was filed in January 2022. In accordance with his proclamation, they formally split up on December 15, 2021. Numerous rumors claim that Sergey divorced Nicole in the weeks that followed Nicole’s reported affair with Elon Musk, one of Sergey’s oldest friends and business colleagues.

Nicole apparently asked for reimbursement from the resolution of at least $1 billion in a court document.

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