Bashar Al-Assad Net Worth

Net Worth:$1.5 Billion
Date of Birth: September 11, 1965 (58 years old)

What is Bashar AI-Assad’s Net Worth?

Bashar al-Assad is the president of Syria and a former doctor who has a net worth of $1.5 billion. The current leader of Syria and regional secretary of the Ba’ath Party is Bashar al-Assad. After his father’s demise, Bashar al-Assad has been the president of Syria since 2000.
He also serves as the Central Command Secretary General of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party and as the head of the Syrian Military Forces.

The Syrian Civil War was assisted by Assad, whose government is renowned for committing numerous human rights crimes that have left the country in abject penury.

In an attempt to exert pressure on Bashar Assad’s government “to halt its use of violence against its people and begin transitioning to a democratic system that supports the rights of the Syrian people,” President Barack Obama signed an executive order imposing sanctions against Bashar. This ruling, which was made on May 18, 2011, placed Bashar Assad and nine other officials on a list with asset freezes and travel restrictions.

Early Life/ Career Beginning

Bashar al-Assad was born on 11 September 1965 in Damascus, Syria. During the Corrective Revolution, when Assad was five years old, his father became the leader of the Syrian Ba’ath Party, setting the stage for his rise to the presidency. During thisĀ  Assad received his education at the Arab-French al-Hurriya School before attending Damascus University to pursue a career in medicine.

After earning his medical degree in 1988, Assad began working as an army physician at the Tishrin Military Hospital close to Damascus. He relocated to London four years later to complete his post-graduate ophthalmology studies at the Western Eye Hospital and was later called upon Assad was then requested to join the Syrian Army.

Political Career

Assad took over as Syria’s future president when his older brother Bassel was killed in a vehicle accident in 1994. In order to demonstrate his credentials, his father had him join the military as part of his methodical preparation for the change in authority.

Assad had risen to the rank of colonel in the prestigious Syrian Republican Guard by 1999. His “war against corruption,” which targeted his prospective political competitors, was crucial to his ascent. Assad also assumed the presidency of the Syrian Computer Society.

After his father’s demise in June 2000, Assad took over as president of Syria; to enable this, the age limit was dropped from 40 to 34. Assad also took on the positions of regional secretary of the Ba’ath Party and supreme commander of the Syrian Armed Forces.

A presidential referendum without opposing parties or other candidates in 2007 gave him approval for a second seven-year term.

Massive demonstrations erupted in Syria during the Arab Spring of 2011 calling for political reforms and the restoration of fundamental civil liberties. Assad reacted to the disturbance violently, unleashing a savage massacre on the protestors that resulted in the deaths of almost 5,000 Syrians.

The Syrian Civil War was influenced by these actions. As a result, Assad’s resignation from the presidency was demanded by the United States, the European Union, and the majority of the Arab League.

However, in 2014, after another rigged election, he was sworn in for seven-year term. In 2021, he was chosen to serve another term. In general, Assad’s leadership has been marked by egregious human rights abuses and widespread corruption.

Personal Life

Bashar al-Assad is married to a British-Syrian named Asma Akhras they both have three children together.

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