Michelle Obama Net Worth

Net Worth:$70 Million
Date of Birth: January 17, 1964 - January 1, 1970 (60 years old)
Height:5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Profession:Lawyer, Writer
Nationality:United State Of America

What is Michelle Obama’s net worth? How does Michelle Obama make her money? Below is the current net worth of Michelle Obama and how Michelle Obama makes her money.

What is Michelle Obama’s Net Worth?

Michelle Obama is an English writer, and attorney, who has a net worth of $ 70 million dollar. She is famously known for being the past First Lady of the United States.


Michelle Robinson, also known as Michelle Obama, was born in Chicago, Illinois, on January 17, 1964.

Michelle’s childhood was spent in the South Shore area. Because of how her father’s multiple sclerosis affected her emotionally, she concentrated all of her energy on her studies.

She worked hard in school, too. In 1981, she graduated from high school with honors and was named her class’s salutatorian.

In addition to minoring in African-American studies at Princeton University, she studied sociology there. She graduated in 1985 and did so with honors.

While she was a Princeton student, her connection with The Third World Center, a college and cultural group that supported minority students, became considerable.

During her time as a Harvard student working at the Harvard Legal Bureau, she helped low-income residents with housing issues. Michelle Obama is the third First Lady in history and the first to hold a graduate degree.


Michelle Obama served as the first lady of the United States from 2009 to 2017. At first, Michelle hesitated to support her husband. She kept shaking hands and collecting money despite the fact that she disliked the pastime.

Michelle also had her misgivings about Barack’s desire to run for president as she thought it would be difficult for their young children. During the campaign, she discussed racism, education, and parenthood a lot.

Barack Obama was selected as the nation’s next president on November 4, 2008. He won reelection in 2012. Obama frequently visited food pantries and orphanages when she first became the First Lady, where she pushed the idea of more young people volunteering.

She participated in events at the White House for female activists who promote rights. She also backed the stimulus plan. Let’s Move, Reach Higher, Let Girls Learn, and Joining Forces were her four main projects, according to the first lady.

Obama also promoted national service and spoke up for the families of active-duty military personnel. Working women should be able to balance job and family obligations, Michelle fervently argued.

The National Homeless Coalition for Veterans awarded the Obamas with the Jerald Washington Memorial Founders’ Medal in April 2012. Michelle and Jill Biden received this honor once more in May 2015.

Michelle is well known for her efforts to fight obesity and promote good eating habits in children. She insisted that packed lunches be more nutrient-dense and launched the Let’s Move! initiative.

Obama was also a passionate proponent of LGBTQ rights. In addition to her political and diplomatic efforts, Michelle was quite famousĀ for her panache and immaculate fashion sense throughout her time as First Lady.


Obama’s and Michelle’s wedding took place on October 3, 1992. In vitro fertilization was utilized in 1998 to conceive their daughter Malia Ann after Michelle had a miscarriage.

The couple additionally tried in vitro fertilization in 2001 to have their daughter Sasha. After moving to Washington, DC as a reward for Barack’s victory in the presidential election, the girls attended Sidwell Friends School.

Michelle Robinson’s mother, Marian Robinson, gained notoriety when she moved into the White House with the family to help with child care.

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