Diane Von Furstenberg Net Worth

Net Worth:$1.2 Billion
Date of Birth: December 31, 1946 (77 years old)
Profession:Fashion Designer, Businessperson

What is Diane Von Furstenberg’s Net Worth?

Diane Von Furstenberg is a Belgian fashion designer and humanitarian who has a net worth of $1.2 billion. Diane Von Fürstenberg has a line of clothing called DvF that is sold in more than 70 nations.

She is best recognized for creating the wrapped garment, which is currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She has won various honors and recognitions, she earned a spot on Time Magazine’s Time 100 in 2015.

Early Life

Diane Simone Michele Halfin was born on 31 December 1946 in Brussels, Belgium. Von Fürstenburg was raised abroad, she attended a boarding school in Oxfordshire, England, and later attended university in Madrid and Geneva. Prince Egon von Fürstenburg, whom she married at the age of 18 in 1969, was someone she first met when during her first year in college.

While in college, she had been designing clothes, she first entered the fashion industry when she relocated to Paris to work as an assistant to a fashion photographer’s agent.

However, she gained more practical experience after going to Italy. There, she assisted textile producer Angelo Ferretti as his apprentice.


Von Fürstenburg relocated to New York where her career quickly gained momentum. She introduced the knitted jersey wrap dress in 1974 under her own name-brand company, and it swiftly shot to the top of the women’s fashion charts. Soon after, she was highlighted in Newsweek, which referred to her as “the most marketable woman since Coco Chanel.”

Von Fürstenburg significantly increased the size of her fashion line and extended into new markets in the decades that followed. She founded the Salvy publishing firm in French after relocating to Paris in 1985. She also developed a fine jewelry collection, launched a cosmetic line, and performed. She has also been featured on QVC.

In addition, she is also a writer who has written and published three books that chronicled her life, career, and views on what makes a woman beautiful. Many famous people, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Priyanka Chopra, and Michelle Obama, have been spotted wearing her clothing.

“Diane von Furstenberg: Journey of a Dress,” an exhibition curated by Andre Leon Talley, featured her work as its focal point. The exhibition, which made its debut in 2009 in Moscow, Russia, attracted a lot of media interest. The show then made its way to, Brazil, in 2010, and Beijing, China, in 2011.

Personal Life

Since she was Jewish and the groom’s family was Roman Catholic, Von Fürstenburg’s marriage to Prince Egon von Fürstenburg in 1969 was not warmly welcomed by the groom’s parents. Due to the fact that Prince Egon’s father was a German Roman Catholic priest and his mother was an Italian nobility member and the heiress to the Fiat automobile fortune, the happy union was nevertheless seen as somewhat dynastic. Her Serene Highness Princess Diane of Fürstenberg is her official title as a result of this marriage.

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