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Net Worth:$135 Billion

What is Sony’s net worth? How does Sony make its money? Below is the current net worth of Sony and how Sony makes its money.

What Is Sony’s Net Worth?

Sony Group Corporation, often known as Sony, is a Japanese global firm with numerous subsidiaries, which has a net worth of $135 billion. It has its headquarters in Kōnan, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in 1946, briefly after the beginning of world war II. Its founders include Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita.

Brief History of Sony

Sony is one of the world’s largest conglomerate businesses that initially started out as an electronics shop run by one of its founders Masaru Ibuka, with a capital of $1,322 and eight employees in total.

On 7th May 1946, Akio Morita joined Ibuka to establish the company Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo (meaning Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation). The name of the company was changed to Sony in January 1958, with the name Sony taken from the Latin word Sonus, which roughly translates to Sound.

Sony’s first products which were transistor radios were a huge commercial success in the U.S market, and in 1960,  Sony Corporation of America was founded. Akio also persuaded several employees in Japan to reconsider their current jobs and join Sony. Japan became a powerful exporter between 1960-1980, thanks to Sony. Recognized for its standards of production, Sony was able to charge upscale rates for its products.

However, due to deflation in the early 1980s, electronic sales reduced and the company began struggling from then till the late 2000s, amid a few successes. In 2012, Kazui Hirai took over as President and CEO of Sony and made tremendous efforts to restore the company and make up for its financial losses over the years. He merged some of its subsidiaries and closed some of its peripheral businesses.

More than $72.3 billion of revenue was made by Sony in 2013 and it grossed $2.5 billion as its gain.

Sony Subsidiaries

Presently, Sony produces video game consoles, televisions, phones, imaging gadgets, etc. Some of their subsidiaries include:

  • Sony Pictures
  • Sony Music Entertainment, Japan
  • Sony Music Entertainment
  • Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation
  • Culver Max Entertainment
  • So-Net
  • Sony Europe (Sony UK Technology Centre)
  • Sony Corporation Of America
  • Sony Entertainment Network
  • Sony Marketing Inc.
  • Sony Financial Holdings
  • Sony Music Entertainment, Taiwan
  • Japan Display
  • Sony India
  • Sony Global Manufacturing and Operations Corporation
  • Dexerials
  • Sony Mobile, etc.

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