Sanela Diana Jenkins Net Worth

Net Worth:$300 Million
Profession:entrepreneur, philanthropist and reality television star
Nationality:Bosnia and Herzegovina

What is Sanela Diana Jenkin’s Net worth?

Sanela Diana Jenkins is a Bosnian businesswoman, humanitarian, and reality television star who has a net worth of $300 million. In addition to starting a successful beverage company, Sanela Diana Jenkins has made a name for herself as a prominent human right advocate with work that is well-known throughout the world.

On May 11, 2022, Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” premiered its 12th season, and Diana Jenkins made her broadcast debut as the show’s newest cast member.

Along with her fame through her reality show, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship, Sanela Dianka Jenkins is well-known for selling the Whatsapp founder, Jan Koum, a sizable mansion in Malibu. As we will discuss in more detail later in this article, she sold the mansion to Koum in February 2021 for a price of $87 million.


Diana Jenkins was born Sanela Dijana Ćatić in 1973 in Sarajevo. She was one of two children born into a middle-class household, the older of the two. She has an economist for a father and an accountant for a mother.

During the communist era in Yugoslavia at the time, the family lived in a modest concrete apartment building, a design that was popular. Irnis, Diana’s younger brother, tragically died at the age of 21 at the hands of Serb forces.

At the time of his assassination, Diana was a major in economics student at the University of Sarajevo. When conflict erupted in Bosnia in April 1992 during the Siege of Sarajevo, she was forced to flee the country.

As a result of Yugoslavia’s dissolution, war broke out. The harsh war continued until December 1995. Before moving to London, England, Jenkins first spent more than a year in Croatia as a refugee.

She was given the go-ahead to resume her studies at the City University of London after a two-year break. Diana made the right decision to prioritize math because grasping numbers do not need fluency in English.

After everything was said and done, she received a BSc in both computer science and economics (with honors).

In contrast to many of her fellow Yugoslavian immigrants, Diana was granted permanent citizenship at this time because of her extraordinary academic performance and the fact that she never once asked for any kind of government help.


Diana pursued a number of jobs after graduating while saving up money to launch her own jewelry company in London.

Diana took advantage of the success of the jewelry business by working with model Melissa Odabash to jointly develop the Melissa Odabash swimwear line. Due to its tremendous success, celebrities like Kate Moss, Elle Macpherson, Heidi Klum, and others rapidly became lovers of the swimwear line.

The company, which is still highly successful, is still co-owned by Diana. Sanela’s name was changed to Sanela Diana Jenkins after she wed British banker Roger Jenkins in 1999. They got hitched in the gym.

Following a total of 10 years of marriage, Roger and Sanela divorced, leaving behind two children. In a statement, they reportedly afterward referred to their divorce as “the best divorce ever.”

Sanela Diana Jenkins is also the brains behind the range of nutritional drinks called Neuro Drinks and the Melissa Odabash line of swimwear.

The business Neuro Drinks markets itself as a healthy alternative to coffee and soda. The company sells products that encourage good sleep, lower stress, strengthen immunity, and give people more vitality. Sanela is the company’s chairwoman and CEO.

Real Estate

In June 2020, Sanela Diana Jenkins announced that her Malibu home was going up for sale. A $125 million purchase was made.

Sanela spent $21 million to purchase the house at the start of the new millennium. She allegedly came across the property while house-hunting with her buddy, singer Kid Rock.

Kid was meant to be searching for a residence for himself while Diana was scheduled to spend $21 million.

In February 2021, it came to light that she had paid $87 million for the home, which she had sold to Jan Koum, the creator of WhatsApp.

Jan spent $100 million for the home next door in 2019, giving him a total of about $200 million in Malibu real estate.

Charity Work

Sanela Diana Jenkins is a philanthropist that gives back a lot. She has given millions of dollars to several organizations that promote a variety of issues, and she has helped with fundraising efforts.

The Sanela Diana Jenkins Foundation for Bosnia and Herzegovina was established by her in 2002 in memory of Irnis Catic. It is reputed to be Bosnia’s biggest privately funded charity organization.

Afterward, six years later, she founded the Sanela Diana Jenkins Human Rights Project at the University of California.

Numerous earthquake victims in Haiti in 2010 received medical attention via her Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization.

Sean Penn and Jenkins collaborated to make it happen. She has also organized fundraising events for the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

She also provided bail for Ejup Gani, a former Bosnian president who was being jailed in the UK as a result of a Serbian extradition request.

Sanela and George Clooney collaborated to raise almost $10 million for the “Not on Our Watch” organization, which advocates for the protection of human rights in the Darfur region.


In 2012, the AIDS Foundation of Elton John presented Sanela with the Enduring Vision Award. In the same year, she received another honor from the Hague Institute for Innovation of Law, this time for being among the “World’s Top Three Justice Innovators.” Sanela was given the Isa-beg Ishakovi Patriotism Award for 2013.

Personal Life

Diana earned a $300 million divorce settlement, according to estimates. Diana was propelled into the group of the UK’s wealthiest women as soon as the settlement was reached.

Diana finally left London and relocated to Southern California, where she bought a breathtaking 3-acre clifftop estate in Malibu. She started concentrating on her own business ventures and philanthropy.

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