Nicolas Sarkozy Net Worth

Net Worth:$4 Million
Date of Birth: January 28, 1955 (69 years old)
Height:5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)
Profession:Politician, Lawyer, Spokesperson

What is Nicolas Sarkozy’s Net Worth?

Nicolas Sarkozy is a French politician who has a net worth of $4 million. He was arguably most known for his tenure as president of France, which lasted from 2007 until 2012 when he lost to François Hollande, a socialist. After that, he spent a while in politics before eventually leaving public life.

He was later charged with multiple counts of corruption by French authorities, thus he was unable to totally avoid the spotlight. He received a prison sentence in 2021 after being found guilty of corruption. Sarkozy has duties as the Co-Prince of Andorra in addition to his work in France.

In the 1980s, Nicolas began climbing the French political ladder and held the position of Minister of the Budget. After that, he held the positions of Interior and Finance Minister before taking the helm of the Union for a Popular Movement.


Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa was born on January 28th of 1955 in Paris, France. Nicolas was raised in a household with Greek, Jewish, and Hungarian ancestry, and he had a luxurious upbringing thanks to his father’s enormous riches.

Before moving to Neuilly-sur-Seine, one of Paris’s wealthiest suburbs, he was raised in a home that belonged to his maternal grandmother. Nicolas claimed in a later interview that because his father was primarily focused on running his advertising firm, his grandfather had a much stronger impact on the way he saw the world.

Sarkozy grew raised in a Catholic, strongly Gaullist environment as a result of this. Because he was shorter than his classmates, Nicolas experienced humiliation and inferiority throughout his younger years. The fact that many of his classmates hailed from richer backgrounds also made him feel inadequate.

As a result of his attendance at some of the most prestigious private institutions in France, he developed a reputation as an extremely subpar student. Sarkozy attended Université Paris X Nanterre after finishing secondary school and graduated with an M.A. in private law.

Later on, he completed his schooling and received a D.E.A. in business law. Despite his university’s reputation as a haven for progressive ideals, Nicholas joined right-wing groups there. Later, he finished his military obligations.

He entered Sciences Po after earning his degree from Université Paris X Nanterre but was unable to complete the program due to his poor English proficiency. He did, however, succeed in passing the bar exam, and during the following few years, he focused on practice areas like family law and commercial disputes. Silvio Berlusconi, a former Italian politician, was one of his most well-known clients.

Career As A Politician

At the age of 23, Sarkozy began his career as a city councilor. He was a member of the RPR Neo-Gaullist party and was elected mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine soon after. He had just become the youngest mayor of a municipality with a population of over 50,000 in France.

A bomber who had kidnapped many children was the subject of Nicolas’s first successful operation during this time. He also was appointed Minister of the Budget during this time. He was chosen in 2002 by then-President Jacques Chirac to serve as Interior Minister.

He held the position of Finance Minister by 2004. Later on in the year, he rose to the position of UMP leader. In 2007, Nicolas was prepared to make a presidential bid. Sarkozy won the election in 2007 despite detractors who criticized him for being too aggressive and “hard-line.” Many protests broke out in Paris as a result of this.

The release of hostages held in Columbia by a left-wing guerilla group was successfully negotiated by Sarkozy while he was president. He was also well-known for his support of environmental causes, his softer stance on economic matters, his revision of the security rules for the internet, and many other things.

Along with that, he was heavily involved in the Libyan military operation. Despite his second attempt at the presidency in 2012, Sarkozy was defeated by Hollande.


The majority of the corruption scandals that Nicolas Sarkozy has been associated with throughout the years are related to his tenure as president. One of his first acts as president, it was stated, was to increase his annual salary from approximately 100,000 euros to 240,000 euros.

He said that this was more in line with the pay of other European presidents as justification for his position. When it became apparent that he had assisted in his son’s appointment as the director of the government organization in charge of overseeing France’s largest district, EPAD, there were early allegations of corruption made in 2009.

As a direct result of the Bettencourt scandal in 2010, Sarkozy was accused of accepting questionable financial campaign contributions from a former accountant of billionaire Liliane Bettencourt. He was questioned by authorities in 2014 as they looked into whether he had offered a “prestigious job in Monaco” to a senior judge.

Nicolas apparently did this in order to learn more about his own inquiry into illegitimate campaign finance. Nicolas and his attorney were the objects of a formal corruption probe after 15 hours of interrogation. He was formally charged with “illegal financing of a political campaign” in 2016.

These allegations allegedly included excessive spending on a 2012 presidential campaign. His formal trial commenced in 2020. He was charged with corruption, attempting to bribe a judge, and selling his influence. He was convicted of corruption in 2021, and he received a three-year prison term.

The first two years of the sentence were to be served with supervision, while the last year was to be spent in jail. Sarkozy promptly filed an appeal against the judgment.

Additionally, in 2021, Sarkozy’s separate trial for a different count of corruption got underway. This has to do with the purported misappropriation of tens of millions of euros intended for his 2012 reelection campaign.

Sarkozy was also closely examined for his connections to Muammar Gaddafi, the former ruler of Libya. In 2007, Gaddafi allegedly gave 50 million euros to Nicolas’ presidential campaign in exchange for access and benefits.

Sarkozy sold a number of aircraft, including multiple fighter jets and military helicopters, to Lybia soon after he was elected. Then, a nuclear cooperation pact was negotiated between France and Libya.


Marie-Dominique Culioli was the first wife that Nicolas wed in 1982. Before being divorced in 1996, they were married for several years and recorded two songs together. In order to pursue a relationship with Sarkozy, former fashion model Cécilia Ciganer-Albéniz got separated from her own spouse in 1988.

Shortly after divorcing his first wife, Sarkozy married Ciganer-Albéniz. Before 2005, when rumors that Cécilia had split up with Nicolas started to circulate, they had one son together in 1997. Rumors that Sarkozy was having an affair with a second lady, who was allegedly a journalist, circulated at the time.

Soon after winning the presidential election in 2007, he divorced his second wife. He started dating Italian singer and model Carla Bruni just a short while after divorcing his second spouse. The couple got married in 2008. Bruni and Sarkozy had a kid together at some point during their relationship.

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