Over a 1990s rape allegation, Mike Tyson is being sued for $5 million.

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Over the past decades, the top most talented celebrities who have attained a certain level of popularity tend to face a handful of controversies and legal disputes which might, in turn, pose a threat to their reputations, image, and career life. One such person is Mike Tyson; popular stardom in the world of sports.

A lady is accusing Mike Tyson, asserting that the boxer sexually assaulted her in the 1990s. According to the Adult Survivors Act of New York, which suspends the statute of limitations for sexual assault victims for a year, the lawsuit has been filed.

Several news sources claim that an unnamed party submitted an affidavit accusing Tyson of the assault and requesting $5 million in damages.

The plaintiff’s inability “to maintain and/or build healthy relationships with males or anyone in general” as well as “severe emotional suffering including but not limited to nightmares, panic attacks, and flashbacks” are the justifications for the damages being claimed.


The following is how the attack is described in the affidavit:

At a dance club called Septembers in the early 1990s, I first met Mike Tyson…
He was hanging out with his limo driver, my friend, and me. Tyson invited us to a party after informing us about it. Tyson promised to pick up my friend in the limo as she was about to drop off her car.

He then viciously raped me after ripping off my pants.

I was injured physically, psychologically, and emotionally as a result of Tyson’s rape, and I still am.

The woman’s lawyer, Darren Seilback, claims that his client’s allegations have been thoroughly examined and determined to be “very believable” in a separate file that was covered by NBC New York.

The attack’s precise date isn’t given, but it falls within the “early 1990s” time frame, which also happens to be about the time Tyson was found guilty of raping Desiree Washington, a contestant in a beauty pageant, and sentenced to three years in jail.

It’s unclear from Tyson’s perspective if he will contest the complaint in court or try to reach a settlement because he doesn’t appear to have yet publicly replied to it.

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