Mike Tyson Net Worth

Net Worth:$10 Million
Date of Birth: June 30, 1966 (57 years old)
Height:5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Profession: Athlete, Professional Boxer, Actor and Film Producer,
Nationality:United States of America

What is Mike Tyson’s net worth? How does Mike Tyson make his money? Below is the current net worth of Mike Tyson and how Mike Tyson makes his money.

What is Mike Tyson’s Net Worth?

Mike Tyson is an American retired boxer and a former indisputable 1980s heavyweight champion of the world who has a net worth of $10 million. He is a well-paid and well-known athlete when he was in his prime.

At the age of 20, he was made the all-time champion and also had a personal fortune that peaked at over $300 million, but he was defrauded of it.

Mike filed a case for bankruptcy in 2003 where he incurred a debt of $23 million for each bankruptcy filing. He made a whopping $430 million or $700 million when inflation is taken into account while pursuing his career which includes endorsements and pursues.

ESPN and Sky Sports both referred to him as “the most ferocious fighter to step into a professional ring” and “the Hardest Hitter in Heavyweight History.” Though a skilled boxer, Tyson’s reputation and image were ruined by his involvement when he was in and out of his ring controversy.


In Brooklyn, New York, on June 30, 1966, Michael Gerard Tyson was birthed and his name was later changed to Mike Tyson. His stepfather engaged in criminal activity and gambling, and he grew up in an uneven neighborhood.

Tyson’s mother moved with him when he was ten years old due to financial difficulties. He was later arrested for 38 crimes when he turned 13 and was frequently engaged in combat with larger children who made fun of his voice (Tyson was a stutter).

A teacher in a juvenile detention center and a former boxer both noticed Tyson’s fighting prowess and skills while he was in school. After collaborating with numerous coaches, he met Cus D’Amatto, a coach who eventually had a significant impact on the future boxing champion.

Boxing Style

Cus D’Amatto was instructed and taught by Mike Tyson in the “peek-a-boo” style of defensive boxing, which featured a high guard and quick head movements. This is another aggressive form of retaliatory blow that relies on charging the opponent, forcing him to swing, and then seizing opportunities.

Tyson was known for both his tremendous punching power and his ability to bob and weave. He was also known for landing a right hook followed by an uppercut to end fights, and a significant portion of his punching power came from his legs.

Career Income

A $27 million, eight-fight contract that Mike signed with HBO in 1987 was valid until his matchup with Alex Stewart. In two minutes and 27 seconds, Tyson defeated Alex Stewart.

After that, he committed to Showtime for a long period of time, signing a $120 million contract that covered a number of fights, including Holyfield I and II.

Mike made at least $430 million from fights and endorsements over the course of his career. which is equivalent to roughly $700 million now. It has long been known that Don King, the promoter, took a sizable portion of his earnings, at least those from pay-per-view events.

Later, a court case was established that Mike’s agreement with King gave the promoter the right to 30% of his earnings. Technically, Nevada had laws against this.

Debut boxing career

The Junior Olympics, where Mike Tyson gold medals he won in 1981 and 1982, was his first exposure to professional boxing. In two matches against Henry Tillman, he also competed in the 1984 Summer Olympics but came up short.

With a first-round TKO, Mike defeated Hector Mercedes in his 18th-year-old debut professional fight. This marks the beginning of a growing pattern for Mike who frequently won matches in the first round.

In spite of early stardom predictions, he continued to face opponents who were more difficult than those he had previously faced. Early in his career, Tyson suffered the loss of a significant father figure when Cus D’Amatto passed away in 1985.

Later, a lot of people said that this would have a destabilizing effect on him.

Personal Appearance Fees

For a two hours personal appearance, Mike charges $75,000.While in Las Vegas, he lived a healthy life while being present at corporate events and parties

Personal Life

Mike Tyson is a Muslim who has been wedded three consecutive times with six children. He is also a self-restrain person.

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