MacKenzie Scott Net Worth

Net Worth:$32 Billion
Date of Birth: April 7, 1970 (54 years old)
Nationality:United State Of America

What is MacKenzie Scott’s net worth? How does MacKenzie Scott make her money? Below is the current net worth of MacKenzie Scott and how MacKenzie Scott makes her money.

What is MacKenzie Scott’s Net Worth?

MacKenzie Scott, previously recognized as MacKenzie Bezos, is an English novelist, humanitarian and activist. MacKenzie Scott’s net worth is $32 billion as of this publishing. If not for her $6 billion in donations to nonprofits in merely 2020, her fortune would be significantly higher.

She has indeed donated more than $12 billion to hundreds of charities around the globe, and she plans to give away a sizable portion of her remaining wealth while she is still alive. More details about her generosity are provided below.

She was wedded to Jeff Bezos, the man who started Amazon, from 1993 to 2019. Jeff and MacKenzie have a combined total of four children. As the richest person in the world since 2018, Jeff has kept that position. He has almost two decades of billionaire status.


California’s San Francisco was the birthplace of MacKenzie Scott Tuttle in April 1970. On the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County, she was nurtured. The Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco was home to another house that belonged to her family.

Her dad was the chief executive officer of an investment company named Jason Baker Tuttle. When it came time for MacKenzie to finish secondary school, she went to the Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Connecticut. When her father was the subject of a Securities and Exchange Commission inquiry during her junior year, her parents filed for bankruptcy.

Her father unsuccessfully attempted to start a new financial career after her parents moved to Florida. Ultimately, her father was prohibited from starting a new financial company. In his decision to reject the application, the Florida judge cited the family’s prior extravagant expenditures.

MacKenzie chose Princeton University as the location of her English education after graduating from high school. A degree was given to her in 1992. At Princeton, she participated in a different writing group led by acclaimed author Toni Morrison. Morrison would subsequently refer to MacKenzie as “one of the best children I’ve ever had.”

How She Met Jeff Bezos

MacKenzie relocated to New York after earning a degree from Princeton with the intention of writing novels. In order to sustain herself while waiting for her dream to come true, she found work as an admin assistant at the trading company D.E. Shaw.

She assisted several others in this role, including Jeff Bezos, a senior vice president of the corporation and fellow Princeton alum. Their offices had a common wall. After graduating, she began working personally for Bezos as a research assistant.

When Jeff and MacKenzie first met in 1992, they only dated for three months before getting engaged. They got hitched in 1993. He was 29; she was 23.

How She Became A Billionaire

The first public offering of Amazon took place on May 15, 1997. Amazon’s initial day of trading finished at $2 per share after accounting for stock dividends backward. A single Amazon share now cost more than $3,000 on the open market.

You would currently have nearly $15 million if you had deposited $10,000 in Amazon during the IPO. Jeff had 20% of Amazon at the time of the business’s IPO. He frequently sold off portions of shares throughout the years in order to generate cash flow.

Currently, Jeff has $70 billion in liquid cash after selling his shares. He had a 16% stake in Amazon prior to the divorce settlement. In June 1998, Jeff became one of the world’s richest people. He had an estimated $10 billion in value at the height of the dot-com bubble.

He saw a decline in his net worth back to $2 billion after the boom broke. He initially reached $50 billion in net wealth in June 2015. For the first time, in January 2018, it exceeded $100 billion. It earned $150 billion in July 2018. Between $150 billion and $200 billion has been his net worth in current history.

Amazon shares momentarily broke the $3,300 barrier on July 13, 2020, for the first time. MacKenzie would be the richest woman in the world at any price higher than $3,255 based on her net worth. Therefore, for the first time, MacKenzie Bezos legally surpassed Bill Gates as the richest woman in the world on July 13, 2020.


Jeff started to get obsessed with the developing “world wide web” around the time their marriage began. According to folklore, Jeff determined that an internet bookshop would be the most successful sort of “e-commerce” firm because books don’t fade and can be bought without being required to try them on or even handle them.

Inspiring Jeff to go after his goals was crucial, thanks to MacKenzie. In order for him to pursue his aspirations of launching an internet business, they both decided to move to Seattle in 1994, leaving their luxurious jobs and residences in New York City.

While MacKenzie drove the Volvo, Jeff sat in the back seat using a laptop to jot down ideas and draft the business plan for his e-commerce startup. Several goods that might be sold online were gathered into a lengthy list by Jeff and MacKenzie. Jeff decided on books in the end.

He gave the company the original name Cadabra. Eventually, he decided on the name Amazon, which is a reference to the river of the same name in South America. Amazon was founded in a Seattle garage on July 5, 1994. The $300,000 angel money invested by Jeff’s parents allowed him to launch his business. MacKenzie was an accountant and secretary for Amazon.

Additionally, she enrolled in fiction writing night seminars at the University of Washington around this time. After another ten years, MacKenzie finally published “The Testing of Luther Albright,” her own fictional book. Less than 2,000 copies of the book, it seems, were sold. A second book by the author, titled “Traps,” was published in 2013.

Real Estate

For a residence in Beverly Hills, California, Jeff and MacKenzie spent $24 million in 2007. Their overall purchase price of $37 million in 2017 included $13 million for the building right next door. In their divorce proceedings, MacKenzie acquired ownership of this home.

MacKenzie presented the house to the charity, the California Community Foundation, according to a press release issued in August 2022. The house’s estimated value at the time of the contribution, based on the organization, was $55 million.

About $20 million was given to the charity by MacKenzie in 2021. A Lakefront home on 3.2 acres in Medina, Washington, was purchased by MacKenzie for $37.5 million in 2019.

Agreement in the MacKenzie Bezos divorce

After 25 years of marriage, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos made the announcement that they were getting divorced on January 9, 2019. As we noted previously, they got married in 1993, one year PRIOR to Jeff founding the business that would eventually make him the world’s wealthiest person.

When their separation was officially announced, Jeff had a total value of $136 billion. All contemplations, MacKenzie might have been eligible for some of Jeff’s goods since they were all earned during their relationship. MacKenzie could have received shares and other assets worth up to $70 billion if this were true.

On April 4, 2019, MacKenzie disclosed that she and Jeff had reached a divorce settlement and that she had received much fewer than 20 million Amazon shares or around 4% of the stock’s share capital. When the shares were transferred, their value was $35.6 billion.

Jeff kept about 60 million shares or 75% of their previous owners. MacKenzie consented to give Jeff complete voting rights over her shares was a huge compromise. She essentially receives everything without any voting rights, thus.

Second Marriage

MacKenzie disclosed her recent marriage to Dan Jewett, a science teacher at a secondary school, in March 2021. Bill Gates and Paul Allen are former students at the prestigious Lakeside School, where Dan is a teacher.

She announced the information in a post on her Giving Pledge page, emphasizing that her new spouse had agreed to her pledge. In a press release issued by an Amazon representative, Jeff Bezos stated, “Dan is such a great guy, and I’m pleased and excited for both of them.”

MacKenzie updated the details about her book on Amazon to reflect that she “lives in Seattle with her four kids and her husband, Dan.”

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