Robin Li Net Worth

Net Worth:$10 Billion
Date of Birth: November 17, 1968 (55 years old)
Profession:Businessperson, Entrepreneur

What is Robin Li’s net worth? How does Robin Li make his money? Below is the current net worth of Robin Li and how Robin Li makes his money.

What is Robin Li’s Net Worth?

Robin Li is a Chinese entrepreneur who has a net worth of $10 billion. Robin Li’s fortune plummeted dramatically through his creation of Baidu. Since its launch in 2000, Baidu has grown to become the most popular search engine in China and the third-largest independent search engine globally. As the first Chinese business to join the NASDAQ-100, Baidu is also indelibly etched into the historic record.

He developed the first web search engine to use site-scoring and page-ranking algorithms in 1996 with the creation of RankDex.

Early Life

Robin Li Yanhong was born on November 17, 1968, in Yangquan, Shanxi, China, at the time of his birth his parents were factory workers. Robin Li has four siblings and he is the only male child in the family. Robin Li attended Peking University where he received a bachelor’s degree in information management. Soon after, he enrolled at the American University of Buffalo. After earning his master’s degree in 1994, Robin Li initially planned to continue his education there to seek a doctorate.


Robin Li joined IDD Information Services, a subsidiary of Dow Jones & Company, after finishing his studies. He worked on enhancing search engine algorithms when he was there, from 1994 to 1997, and contributed to the creation of a software program for the Wall Street Journal’s online edition.


Robin Li invented RankDex while he was an employee at IDD, which was the first internet search engine to rank pages and score websites. He soon secured a US patent for the invention, two years ahead of Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s “PageRank”.


In the early 2000s, Robin Li and Eric Xu co-founded the technology business ”Baidu” after the former spent the late 1990s working as a staff engineer at the Internet search engine startup Infoseek. The business specializes in software for artificial intelligence as well as Internet services and goods.

Among its various services are a Chinese search engine, a mapping program, an internet encyclopedia, a cloud storage service, and a discussion forum. Simeji and Facemoji Keyboard are among its offerings, along with the augmented reality network OmniAR, MediaGo, and the Simeji and Facemoji Keyboard keyboard apps. With a 76.05% market share in China’s search engine market, Baidu is the second-largest search engine in the entire universe.

Baidu went public on Wall Street in the summer of 2005 through a variable interest business headquartered in the Cayman Islands. A little more than two years later, Baidu became the first Chinese business to ever be listed on the NASDAQ-100 index. Additionally, it joined the Partnership on AI nonprofit artificial intelligence ethical organization in 2018 as the first Chinese company.

Other Creative Pursuits

In addition to his previous commercial ventures, Robin Li is the chairman of iQIYI an online video platform. Gong Yu founded iQIYI in 2010. iQIYI, one of the most popular websites in the globe, has more than 500 million active users per month. The company raised $2.25 billion when it went public in the US in 2018.

Robin Li also serves on the board of the Beijing-based educational services company New Oriental. The most all-encompassing private educational provider in China, New Oriental provides services like abroad study advising, general-level courses, internet education, and preschool education. It went public in the US for the first time as a Chinese corporation in 2006. Over the years, New Oriental has expanded dramatically; it now includes schools, bookstores, and hundreds of institutions of learning.

Political Career

Robin Li has involvement in Chinese politics in addition to the corporate sector. He was named co-chair of the Independent Expert Advisory Group on Data Revolution for Sustainable Development by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in the summer of 2014. The 12th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference is another organization that Robin Li is a member of.

Awards and Recognition

Robin Li has won numerous awards for his innovative efforts in the world of technology. He was selected as one of the top ten innovative pioneers in China in 2001, and he was also recognized as one of the “IT Ten Famous Persons” in 2002 and 2003. Robin Li was subsequently selected as one of CCTV’s “Chinese Economic Figures of the Year” in 2005. He gained recognition from American Business Weekly the following year for being the “World’s Best Business Leader.” In addition to his other achievements, Robin Li was included on the ”CNN Money” list in 2007 among the “50 People Who Matter Now”.

Personal Life

Robin Li married Dongmin Ma, also known as Melissa Ma, and together they have four children. Robin Li and his family live in Beijing, China.

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