Iris Fontbona Net Worth

Net Worth:$14 Billion
Date of Birth: July 23, 1942 (81 years old)

What is Iris Fontbona’s Net Worth?

Iris Fontbona is a Chilean billionaire and businesswoman who has a net worth of $14 billion. She first gained notoriety when she got married to her husband, the late illustrious businessman Antionio AndrĂ³nico Luksic Abaroa.

Given that Fontbona was only 18 when they got married, the couple received a lot of media attention. When her husband passed away in 2005 and left their family with his business venture, ”Quinenco” she eventually became the majority shareholder and a multi-billionaire.

Iris Fontbona was born on 23 July 1942 in Antofagasta, Chile.

The most well-known copper mining corporation in the world is credited to Luksic, who also reportedly invested in the mining, finance, industrial, and beverage sectors.

Iris Fontbona owns 65% of Antofagasta, the ninth-largest copper producer in the world. She is given credit for all of her family’s shares, including those that her son Jean-Paul Kuksic owns.

Quinenco and the Playa Laguna chain of Croatian resorts are both owned by the family to the tune of 81 percent each. They have stock in the Canal 13 television network.

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