Top 10 Best Traders in India And Their Networth

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What are the Top 10 Best Traders in India’s net worth? How do the Top 10 Best Traders in India make their money? Below is the current net worth of the Top 10 Best Traders in India and how the Top 10 Best Traders in India make their money.

What are the Top 10 Best Traders in India Net Worth?

1. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Networth: $5.80 Billion

One of India’s biggest dealers is Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. Politicians, investors, traders, brokers, and other top financial gurus all throughout the nation adore him for his easygoing demeanor and well-known face.

He is referred to as “India’s Warren Buffett” because of his reputation for making accurate stock market predictions and having a bright perspective on the market. He was a co-owner of the wealth management business Rare Enterprises.

In 1986, he generated his first sizable profit with a $62 initial investment. He was reported to have had a net worth of $5.8 billion when he passed away in August 2022, making him the 438th richest person on the planet.

People who wished to expand their portfolios loved him because of his active participation in training new investors. His portfolio growth over the long run, which was 137.41% from September 2016 to January 2022, is impressive.

Strategy: Since he owns equities in practically every industry, wise diversification is his greatest asset.

2. Azim Premji

Networth: $8.6 Billion

Entrepreneur, investor, engineer, humanitarian, and former head of Wipro Limited, Azim Premji is also a trader. Premji is still the chairman and non-executive member of the firm. He is known as the “Czar of the Indian IT Industry” colloquially.

Premji is worth $8.6 billion. Azim Premji entered the IT industry in the 1980s as a modest family business to fulfill his passion. One of the four stocks in his portfolio is Wipro. Trent Ltd., Tube Investments of India Ltd., and Craftsman Automaton Ltd. are some of his further holdings.

Premji’s portfolio does not seem to be as diversified as those of other investors in terms of asset classes. Although placing a heavy emphasis on technology companies, he still tops the list of wealthiest individuals in the sector.

Strategy: Premji uses a straightforward yet careful investing approach. You can consider looking at his approach if you wish to buy technology stocks.

3. Radhakishan Damani

Networth: $20 billion

The creator of D-Mart and a multibillionaire investor from India is Radhakishan Damani. His investing business, Bright Star Investments Limited, also oversees the management of his assets.

He was listed as the 98th richest person on the planet on January 19, 2022, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, with a net worth of $20 billion. 14 equities from diverse firms make up Radhakishan Damani’s portfolio.

Two of his principal holdings are D-Mart and VST Industries Ltd. Over the past five years, his investment portfolio has increased by 9,851.24%.

Strategy: He seems to have a highly diverse portfolio, with the majority of his stocks coming from retail businesses. His stock picks appear to have been made with good judgment and a long-term outlook in mind.

4. Mukul Agarwal

Networth: $300 million

In India, Mukul Agarwal runs a thriving business that offers financial counseling and asset management services. Along with inspirational quotes, he frequently participates in TedX conferences.

This investor’s aggressive investment approach is well-liked by other investors. He has a $300 million net worth. He owns 47 equities in his portfolio as of right now. One of his largest holdings, Intellect Design Arena Ltd., has a $22 million investment in it.

He also contributed $20.1 million to Radico Khaitan Ltd. His portfolio saw an astounding 190.23% growth over the past year, while the long-term fluctuation exceeds 130.43%.

Strategy: His expertise in diversification makes him a valuable resource for investors of all stripes.

5. Sunil Singhania

 Networth: $290 million

As the previous head of equity at Reliance Capital, famed Indian investor Sunil Singhania is well-known. He started Abakkus Asset Manager, an Indian asset management company that oversees listed Indian companies valued at more than $1 billion (INR 8,000 crores).

Since 2013, he has been in charge of overseeing his portfolio. He strongly believes in diversification, which is demonstrated by the fact that his portfolio has 26 stocks.

His major holdings include companies like Space Technologies Ltd., Saregama India Ltd., Route Mobile, Mastek, Acrysil Ltd., and Polyplex Corporation Ltd.

From the previous year, his portfolio’s growth increased by 260%. His portfolio increased by 11,004.55% over the previous five years.

Strategy: You ought to look more closely at some of the truly impressive diversification techniques he employs.

6. Ashish Dhawan

Networth: $263 million

On the Indian stock exchanges, Ashish Dhawan is another well-known name. In addition to being a seasoned stock investor, he is also a businessman and a benefactor. He presently works with the Central Square Foundation as their SEO.

16 stocks in his portfolio, totaling $263 million, are included. A significant stock on his list is Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd., which is worth $34 million. His stock portfolio also contains shares of Equitas Holdings Ltd., IDFC Ltd., and Birlasoft Ltd.

His portfolio increased in value by 81.07% in the most recent year, and by 651.38% over the previous five years.

7. Ashish Kacholia

Networth: $225 million

In addition to co-founding Hungama Digital with Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ashish Kacholia is one of the top investors in India. 2003 saw the founding of Lucky Securities.

His 27-stock portfolio includes companies like NIIT Ltd., VRL Logistics, Poly Medicure Ltd., and Mastek Ltd., among others. By 2021, his portfolio had increased by over 250%, from $65 million in 2016 to $225 million.

It climbed by 106.82% over the previous 12 months. His plan is to make investments in small and midsized companies. He hunts for undervalued stocks with the potential to change market fortunes.

8. Anil Kumar Goel

Networth: $170 million

In the 90s, Anil Kumar Goel started making investments. Anil Kumar Goel & Associates, his company, was founded by him. His portfolio increased by 102.97% during the past year. $170 million is the value of his holdings.

His 34 stock portfolio, consists mainly of stocks in the industrial sector. His most recent projects include Indsil Hydro Power, Manganese Ltd., Samtex Fashions, and others.

Along with KRBL Ltd., Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd., Amarjothi Spinning Mills Ltd., and Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd., other investments include these companies.

9. Mohnish Pabrai

 Networth: $156 million

Among India’s top stock investors is Mohnish Pabrai. He is the CEO of both Dhandho Funds and Pabrai Investment Funds. He is thought to have a net worth of $156 million, which is distributed across just three stocks.

He is distinct from other investors in the financial sector since he only invests in a small number of stocks. Among the equities in his portfolio are Sunteck Realty Ltd., Rain Industries Ltd., and Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd.

His portfolio’s worth climbed by 10.85% in the previous year and by 724% during the previous five years.

10. Akash Bhansali

Networth: $120 million

The main shareholder of Enam Holdings Pvt. Ltd. is Akash Bhansali. He is currently making active stock investments and is most known for his fascinating portfolio, which is worth $340 million.

His portfolio has increased in value by 848.78% during the last five years. His preferred stock companies include Arvind Fashions Ltd., IDFC Ltd., Amber Enterprise India Ltd., Greenlam Industries Ltd., Welspun Corp. Ltd., Maharashtra Seamless Ltd., and Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd.

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While we always strive to ensure that our figures are as accurate as possible, please note that they are only estimates, unless otherwise indicated.

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