Meet Nigerian Silent Billionaire that People Hardly Talk About-Abdullahi Bashir Haske

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Nigeria is endowed with a large number of citizens who, one might claim, have failed badly. Some of these Nigerians became silent billionaires. Abdullahi Haske is one such person, and the source of his wealth has long been a topic of public discussion. As a result, few individuals are ready to advocate for him as a role model for young Nigerians.


Abdullahi Bashir Haske is a private investor, an episodic entrepreneur, and a philanthropist who has a net worth of N210 Billion. He was birthed on the 13th of December 1987 in Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria.

Bashir is without a doubt one of Nigeria’s youngest billionaires. Although he is close to 35 by the third quarter of 2022, despite his supposedly without-limit wealth in the oil and gas industry.

Despite his odd nature and being extraordinarily young and incredibly affluent, some individuals have found reason to criticize or question his source of income.

In reality, Haske had a solid basis. In other words, he was raised by concerned parents who diligently prepared him for a life of luxury. He was schooled at Lagos Business School where he obtained an MBA  in Economics.

These and other qualifications and professional versions provided him with sufficient knowledge of commercial life where he excels.

At a very young age, Abdullahi Haske focused mainly on oil and gas industries, public procurement, and construction where he worked as a contractor.

In a short period of time, Haske became the Managing Director of AA Group & R Investment Group where his success story began. Also, this great establishment has its hands in almost every beneficial share of the conference room or corporation in Nigeria.

Haske eventually earned an excellent reputation for himself far above all the builders and makers of wealth in the country.

So he will definitely be the topic of public discussion, but unfortunately, much of his adventures, influences, and skills are not known and Haske is obviously left unbothered about this.

Also, due to his exemplary lifestyle, he has received numerous awards and recognitions.

Abdullahi Bashir Haske was given an award in the Africa Energy show as The Rising Star of The Year Award in July 2020. He was also included among the Northern Nigeria Peace Award receivers in 2022 and the Peace Achievers Award in 2019.

He was made the Ciroma-Ganye, Chiefdom of Adamawa State with so much honor after the passing away of his father Abdullahi Bashir Haske senior.

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