Ross Perot Net Worth

Net Worth:$4 Billion
Date of Birth: June 27, 1930 - July 9, 2019 (89 years old)
Height:5 ft 5 in (1.66 m)
Profession:Businessperson, Entrepreneur
Nationality:United States of America

What was Ross Perot’s Net Worth?

Ross Perot was an American businessman who had a net worth of $4 billion at the time of his death in 2019. Perot, who was well-known for his interest in politics and astute economic sense, was among the world’s wealthiest people for many years.

Prior to launching Electronic Data Systems in the early 1960s, he first served as an IBM salesman. In the 1980s, Perot made a billion dollars by selling this business.

Ross identified as a Republican or an independent depending on the time in his life when he was involved in politics.

He was deeply concerned about the problems associated with the Vietnam War, especially the possibility that hundreds of American soldiers could be taken prisoner of war and abandoned. When George H. W. Bush was president, he then vehemently opposed the Gulf War.

He made the decision to run as an independent for president of the United States in 1992. He ran on a platform that opposed job outsourcing and emphasized the value of a balanced budget, and he did unexpectedly well.

He received 18.9% of the popular vote in 1992, and at one point he was even in the lead. Ross chose not to run again and generally supported Republican candidates after a less successful candidacy for the office of president in 1996.


Henry Ray Perot was born on June 27th of 1930 in Texarkana, Texas. He entered the USNA in 1949 after completing his high school education in 1947. As a tribute to his late father, Ray changed his name to “Ross” when he was 25 years old. He was a junior officer in the navy between 1953 and 1957, serving on destroyers and aircraft carriers.

Career As A Business

Following his discharge from the Navy, Perot rose to the position of one of IBM’s top sales representatives, but he soon resigned to launch Electronic Data Systems in 1962.

The government awarded EDS significant contracts during this time, and once it went public in 1968, the value of its shares soared. Two of EDS’s employees were detained in Iran when he was the company’s CEO.

In a dangerous mission overseen by a former Special Forces colonel, Ross personally orchestrated their rescue.

Career In Politics

Due to growing animosity toward the Republicans, Ross Perot gained support among populists during the 1992 presidential elections.

At one time, he was anticipated to win 39% of the vote, but after receiving harsh media criticism and a conspiracy theory claiming he was a CIA agent, his campaign took a severe hit. Then, despite receiving a startling proportion of the popular vote, he was unable to win the election.

Dana Carvey famously played him during this time in a number of iconic Saturday Night Live segments. Perot grew more active with the Republican party as his political career came to an end. Ross was a political outlier in various ways.

Although he was undoubtedly conservative, he supported homosexual rights and the prohibition of assault weapons.

Important Investments

General Motors purchased EDS from Perot in 1984 for $2.5 billion. He established Perot Systems four years later, and in 2009, he sold the business to Dell for $3.9 billion. Ross personally profited from the purchase to the tune of around $800 million.

He had the chance to invest in Microsoft early on, but he ultimately decided against doing so. Perot might have become one of the world’s top ten richest persons as a result of this investment.

In 1988, Ross offered Steve Jobs a $20 million financial lifeline that helped the computer business NeXT survive through a particularly difficult moment. Partially regretting not investing with Bill Gates at the time, Ross also offered Jobs a $20 million investment.

Apple purchased NeXT for almost $500 million ten years later. This deal was what enticed Jobs back to Apple and set off a tremendously successful turnaround for the business.


Ross Perot passed away on July 9th, 2019, from leukemia. He was a few days short of 87 years old.

Real Estate

Perot owned a sizable portfolio of real estate, as one could anticipate from someone with his level of wealth. In an 8,200-square-foot house in Dallas, Perot and his wife Margot resided for a considerable amount of time.

According to reports, the house had a value of $21 million and was situated on a 16-acre parcel of property. In addition, it was said that the Perot family had put an extra $59 million into a variety of Dallas-area homes.

Several members of Ross’ family currently reside in homes in Dallas that range in value from $9 million to $17 million. These houses are some of the priciest in the Dallas region. Ross leaves behind 19 grandchildren in addition to five children.

Ross blew his money on two vacation homes in Bermuda after selling EDS in 1984. He gave his son one of these houses as a gift. These residences are located in a region of Bermuda known for being home to numerous millionaires, including Michael Bloomberg.

Then, in order to construct a new dock for his 68-foot boat, he demolished a portion of a coral reef, drawing ire and criticism from the local government. When Perot threatened to leave Bermuda and sell his house, Bermudan authorities gave down and gave him a retroactive permit for ruining their coral reefs.

Ross Perot sold a house in Bel-Air to director George Lucas in 2017. The house is more than 10,000 square feet, and the “Star Wars” creator paid $33.9 million for it. The 1929-built house has several secured entrances, is encircled by palm trees, and boasts beautiful landscaping.

Ross’ business paid $18 million for the house in 2013, according to public documents. It appears likely that Perot directed significant remodeling so that the house could be sold for such a huge profit margin four years later.

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