George W. Bush Net Worth

Net Worth:$50 Million
Date of Birth: July 6, 1946 (77 years old)
Height:5 ft 11 in (1.82 m)
Profession:Politician, Businessperson, Pilot, Author, Public speaker, Actor
Nationality:United States of America

What is George W. Bush’s net worth? How does George W. Bush make his money? Below is the current net worth of George W. Bush and how George W. Bush makes his money.

What Is George W. Bush’s Net Worth?

George W. Bush is an American politician, author, and businessman who has a net worth of $50 million. He is widely regarded as the United States’ 43rd President. George W. Bush had a number of businesses and served in the military prior to entering politics.

George H.W. Bush, his father, served as the country’s 41st president. The son is mostly called Bush Jr, due to the similarity in names. President Bush Jr is widely recognized for his handling of the 2008 recession and introducing the War on Terror after September 11.

Early Life

George Bush was born in Connecticut, on July 6th, 1946. His father was studying at Yale then and his mother, Barbara Bush had been married to Bush Senior for a year. He had four siblings, including Jeb Bush.

One of his siblings died of leukemia, at the age of three. Bush Jr’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a Senator from Connecticut. Indeed, political careers ran in the family. George W. Bush was enrolled at a boarding school in Massachusetts, after attending elementary school. His academic record wasn’t exactly exceptional.

Even at that, he served as the head Cheerleader. He relocated to Yale, where he maintained his cheerleading career while studying history. He also played on the rugby team’s starting lineup, and in his senior year, he joined the Skull & Bones Society.

Bush Jr. was a typical student. He was rejected by the University of Texas Law School as a result. But the future politician was admitted to Harvard Business School. He managed to obtain his MBA at this school, becoming the first US President to achieve this feat.

Military Service

Bush Jr joined the Texas Air National Guard, before attending the Harvard Business School; this was during the war era in Vietnam. However, Bush Jr was not involved in active combat in this conflict instead, he calculated flight hours and trained with the guard.

He was later promoted. Bush Jr was honorably discharged, after engaging in political careers, missing scheduled physical exams, and his failure to attend training.

Business Pursuits

Bush was ready to use his MBA, after graduating from Harvard. The future President launched Arbusto Energy in 1977 which later became Bush Exploration. Bush was involved in the Oil Industry for some years, trading the increase and decrease of Oil prices.

Later on, he was also alleged of insider trading. Bush Jr was traded with oil companies like Spectrum 7, which later became HKN, inc. and he acted as Chairman and Board member for these companies.

Bush’s most successful investment may have been in the Texas Rangers baseball team. He invested $500,000 into the team and led a group of other investors in buying the team at the rate of $75 million, in April 1989.

After that, he was appointed the Managing General Partner and participated fully in the team’s activities. He attended many of the games, sitting among the fans instead of being in a private box.

In 1998, Bush Jr sold his shares for $15 million. This was a tremendous gain, as compared to the initial amount of $500,000 that Bush had earlier invested in the team.

Political Career

George W. Bush made his debut appearance on the political scene when he ran for the house of representatives in one of Texas’ districts, in 1978. He lost 46% of the total vote count.

When his father ran for office in 1998, Bush Jr. went to Washington, D.C. to help with the campaign. Three years later, he once again assisted his father with his election campaign, and three years later, his father named him as the advisor.

In the 1994 Texas governor’s race, George W. Bush launched his candidacy. In 1995, he won the election with 53% of the vote. During his tenure as Governor, he permitted Texans to possess $2 billion in tax cuts, and a concealed weapon carry permit and helped Texas become the nation’s biggest source of wind-powered electricity.

In June 1999, he officially announced his candidacy for the Republican Presidential Nomination. George W. Bush revealed his plans to expand the U.S. military. He seemed more of a centrist compared to other conservatives.

He also promised to cut taxes. He chose Dick Cheney as his running mate, by July. He had won the Republican Presidential election held on November 7, 2000, defeating Vice President Al Gore.

George W. Bush had great plans for the United States’ domestic policy, which he was unable to implement due to the terrorist attacks that took place on the 11th of September. Not too long after the attacks, there were wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and these became the central focus of his presidency.

These wars, interestingly, boosted his success in his re-election campaign. However, due to the 2008 Housing Collapse and Recession, his approval rates dropped significantly.

Personal Life

George W. Bush met Laura Welch at a backyard barbecue in 1977. After a three-month courtship, Laura accepted his proposal and they wedded on November 5, 1977. They settled in Midland, Texas, and in 1981, she gave birth to twin girls.

George W. Bush became a devoted painter, after his departure from the White House. He is also a lover of Golf and Baseball. The President’s primary house is situated in Preston Hollow of the North Dallas district.

President George W. Bush and Mrs. Bush divide their time between their 1500-acre ranch near Crawford, Texas, and this home is in North Dallas. Their home in Dallas is located on an avenue with minimum traffic. This gives the former President a measure of security.

His Dallas home is a one-story, light-red brick house that covers a total of 8,500 square feet. It is located just a few miles away from the site of his Presidential Library. George Bush Jr’s military service has been criticized a number of times, especially during Presidential campaigns.

It is also rumored that he was given special treatment because of his father. His inconsistent attendance records and the fact that he was never called to fight in Vietnam, perhaps serve as substantial evidence. The former President was also known to have problems with alcohol abuse.

In 1976, he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of Driving Under the Influence; he paid a $150 fine and had his driving privileges temporarily suspended. The validity of his Presidency was debated, as Bush didn’t win the popular vote. As such, there was a measure of controversy surrounding a vote recount in Florida before his Inauguration.

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