Al Franken Net Worth

Net Worth:$10 Million
Date of Birth: May 21, 1951 (73 years old)
Height: 5 ft 5 in (1.676 m)
Profession:Politician, Comedian, Author, Actor, Screenwriter, Radio personality, Commentator, Television producer
Nationality:United States of America

What is Al Franken’s Net Worth?

Al Franken is an American comedian, actor, writer, and politician who has a net worth of $10 million. Franken began his professional life in the entertainment industry in the 1970s before switching to politics in the 2000s.

For his work on “Saturday Night Live,” Al garnered three wins and seven nominations for the Emmy award. From 1975 to 1980 and then again from 198 to 1995, he contributed to the program. After Norm Macdonald won the hosting gig for “Weekend Update,” Franken left the program in 1995.

Prior to winning a razor-thin victory over Republican incumbent Norm Coleman in the 2008 United States Senate election, he initially gained notoriety for his political engagement with “The Al Franken Show.”But ten years later, during a sexual harassment scandal, his time as a senator would come to an end.


Alan Stuart Franken was born on May 21st of 1951 in New York City. Franken was born into a Jewish family and relocated to Albert Lea, Minnesota at the age of four. His parents were printing salesmen and real estate agents. The family subsequently moved once more, this time to St. Louis Park, Minnesota, two years later.

Al attended Harvard University and majored in political science after graduating from college. By 1973, he had earned a Bachelor of Arts degree Summa Cum laude.

Since his days in high school, when he collaborated on a number of comedic ventures with Tom Davis, Franken has shown a passion for performance.

Together, they gave a stage performance in Minneapolis, with the majority of their act being a political parody. The two ended up in Los Angeles after graduating from college, but in their early years, they had trouble finding success.


In the end, “Saturday Night Live,” which debuted in 1975, chose Franken and Tom as its two founding writers. The two occasionally gave performances on the show as well. Al’s first employment with “SNL” lasted for five years, and he later made a second appearance in 1985 for an additional ten years.

Al had 15 Emmy nominations during this time and five Emmy Awards for writing and producing. He gained notoriety at this time for playing Stuart Smalley, among other roles. For films like “One More Saturday Night,” Tom and Al collaborated on a number of scripts.

In a few films, including “Trading Places” and “All You Need Is Cash,” the couple also landed acting parts. Franken’s debut appearance on “SNL” was marred by controversy after he made fun of NBC President Fred Silverman and was ejected from the program.

He later left in protest after Norm McDonald took over as the “Weekend Update” host, but he finally came back in 1985, writing and performing for the program for the following ten years.

Later, Franken acknowledged using cocaine while working as a comedy writer, but he stopped after his close buddy John Belushi passed away from an overdose. Al and Tom were chosen as two of the initial writers for “Saturday Night Live,” a new comedy program that debuted on NBC in 1975.

Tom and Al divided a $350 weekly salary in the first season. Franken continued to produce scripts after he was fired from “SNL,” and he also authored a number of well-regarded books. During this time, he secured several acting gigs as well.

When he began hosting the radio program “The Al Franken Show” in 2004, he began to focus more on political issues. But by this point, Franken had already made a name for himself as a political activist.

He quit radio in 2007 and ran for the Senate. He ultimately succeeded in winning a seat by a very slim margin of only a few votes. Franken gained a reputation as a highly effective member of the democratic party throughout his term as a senator.

He was also able to collaborate well with Republicans and other right-leaning organizations when necessary.


In 2017, a woman by the name of Leeann Tweeden alleged that in 2006, Franken had kissed her without her permission. Right-leaning media organizations disseminated these accusations widely.

Later photographs from the same time period showed Al Franken “miming” and grabbing Tweeden’s breasts while she slept, but no actual physical contact was visible in the picture. Al apologized regardless of his denial that he remembered the episode in his defense.

In the days that followed, other additional women came forward with their own claims of sexual harassment against Franken, many of whom said they had been touched while posing for photos with Al.

Following the official inquiry into Franken’s behavior by the Senate Ethics Committee, a number of organizations demanded his resignation as new charges kept coming to light.

Al was ultimately compelled to retire after not even being given the chance to present his case to the Ethics Committee. After a few years, it became apparent that many of the claims made against him, including those made by Tweeden, were inconsistent in some way.

Later, a number of the senators who had demanded his resignation expressed remorse for their conduct, recognizing that they should have given him the opportunity to explain his side of the story. Additional women continued to come out with accusations against Franken during this time.

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