Uche Nancy Net Worth

Net Worth:$1.2 Million
Profession:Actress, Filmmaker

What is Uche Nancy’s Net Worth?

Uche Nancy is a well-known Nigerian costume designer and film producer who has a net worth of $1.2 Million. She started as a costumier in the company before transitioning into manufacturing, working there for almost ten years.

Following in the footsteps of her mother, Chinenye Nnebe, her daughter, is also a teenage actor. She began her career in the Nigerian film industry and has since been in a number of notable films, including Proof of Life, The Seed, Gallant Babes, Fulton Mansion, and others.

Additionally, Sonia Uche, another actress in the family, is her daughter. Ijeoma and Jesinta Nnebe, her two daughters, is named.


Uche Nancy, a well-known director, television host, and film producer in Nigerian Nollywood, was born on May 2, in an undisclosed year, in her native Anambra. She grew up in Ufuma, Anambra State, in the southeast of Nigeria.

She attended both her elementary and high schools here. Uche Nancy currently has both the West African Senior School Certificate and the First School Leaving Certificate in her possession.


Uche Nancy began working as a costume designer in Nollywood about 13 years ago. She has since worked on a number of well-known films, such as Girls Cot and World Apart.

She got her start in Nollywood as a young actor. Among her many acting credits are The Seed, Gallant Babes, Proof of Life, and Fulton Mansion. Uche Nancy worked in Nollywood for a while.

She started out in the industry as a costume designer before switching to producing movies. Nancy participated as a costume designer to the movies World Apart and Girls Cot. She has received numerous accolades for her efforts.

Uche Nancy has produced more than 20 films and is both an actress and a costume designer.

When questioned about her decision to transition from acting to producing, she said she did so in order to support other actresses who were being taken advantage of by male producers who were only want sex.

She argued that working as a producer would inspire more women to become actors since they wouldn’t have to worry about male producers bothering them.

Awards And Nominations

For her services to the film industry, Uche Nancy has won many awards and has been nominated for many more.

She has won numerous awards, including the African Movie Academy Award, the AMVC Award for Best Costume Designer from 2016, the Creative Designer Guild Award for Best Producer of the Year, and others.


Uche Nancy’s husband is Mr. Nnebe, a wonderful man. Uche Nancy has four all-girl children: Chinenye Nnebe, Sonia Uche, Ijeoma Nnebe, and Jesinta Nnebe. This is despite the fact that she wed at the age of 16.

Chinenye, her daughter, is also an actress and was born when she was nine years old.

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