Nasper Limited Net Worth

Net Worth:$61.91 Billion
Company:Nasper Limited

What is Naspers Limited’s Net Worth?

Naspers Limited is a South African multinational internet, technology, and multimedia holding company that has a net worth of $61.91 Billion. With interests in online shopping, publishing, and venture capital financing, it is headquartered in Cape Town.

The largest shareholder in Naspers is its Dutch-listed investment business Prosus, which, through a cross-ownership agreement, holds around 49% of its parent company.

With interests in newspapers, journals, and books, Naspers was the leading publishing house in South Africa for much of the 20th century after being founded in 1915 by lawyer W. A. Hofmeyr.

The business started to develop in the 1980s, creating a pay television service and making its first investments outside of South Africa.

Naspers began investing early in the Chinese technology firm Tencent in 2001 and began focusing more and more on the global consumer internet industry.

Currently, Naspers holds a 56.92% ownership in Prosus. It also fully controls Media24, the largest publisher in Africa,, the largest online retailer in South Africa, and Naspers Foundry, a venture financing firm with a South African concentration.

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