David Portnoy Net Worth

Net Worth:$80 Million
Date of Birth: March 22, 1977 (47 years old)
Nationality:United States of America

What is David Portnoy’s net worth? How does David Portnoy make his money? Below is the current net worth of David Portnoy and how David Portnoy makes his money.

What’s David Portnoy’s Net worth?

David Portnoy is an American sports media discern, internet entrepreneur, and blogger who has an internet net worth of $80 million.  Portnoy has won his treasure as the proprietor of the digital sports activities conglomerates Barstool sports activities. In 2016, he first bought his biggest stake in The Chernin institution.

Early life

David Portnoy was born in Swampscott, Massachusetts on 22 March 1977. He went to the university of Michigan after he completed Swampscott High College. In 1999, he graduated with a degree in education.


He relocated to Boston where he worked for an IT marketplace studies employer named Yankee organization, after graduating. Portnoy left the American institution to begin his own career as a way to finally become Barstool sports activities after he stayed for four years.

In 2003, David created Barstool sports as a print ebook for the Boston metro region. Penn Gaming received a 36% stake from the proprietor for $163 million in January 2020.

The Chernin Group maintains a 36% stake within the business enterprise, following the sale even as Portnoy continues to run the website online and retains creative manipulation over the content.

Portnoy gradually cultivated his persona as “El Presidente”, a blunt and candid person on the website online. He became famous for his unapologetic and brash mindset and got here through grievance over blog posts and disparaging comments in the direction of ladies and others.

Portnoy has been arrested two times in NFL-related incidents. He was first arrested by way of new york town police after he and 3 Barstool personnel handcuffed one another on the floor of NFL headquarters to protest Deflategate on 12 might also 2015.

In 2019, he changed into arrested again when he became placed in a holding cellular at Mercedes-Benz Stadium for a part of superb Bowl LIII. One chunk with Davey Pageviews is a web display that Portnoy founded, which incorporates him reviewing pizza.

In 2017, Portnoy commenced his aim of reviewing each pizza location in Manhattan. In 2019, the country-wide labor relations Board interrogated Portnoy for posts on Twitter on costs that he illegally threatened to fireplace his workers in the event that they have been unionized.

The agreement additionally showed that the Twitter account at the beginning encouraging employees to unionize turned into genuinely owned and controlled by way of Barstool in a try-and-out labor organizer.

Portnoy launched an unsuccessful marketing campaign to come to be the mayor of Boston following the retirement of Thomas Menino in 2013.  Chernin had invested $20 – 25 million to boom his stake to 60% in 2018.

Portnoy remained one hundred% in charge of the agency’s content material which eventually covered television shows, gambling content material, podcasts, merchandise, alcohol brands, and more.

As of this writing, Penn Gaming’s market cap is $10 billion.

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