Georgina Onuoha Net Worth

Net Worth:$5 Million
Date of Birth: September 29, 1980 (43 years old)
Profession:Actress, TV Personality, Humanitarian, Model

What is Georgina Onuoha’s Net Worth?

Georgina Onuoha is a Nigerian television personality, former Nollywood actress, humanitarian, and model who has a net worth of $5 million. In 2016, She aired her disapproval of the Nigerian government’s decision to end fuel subsidies.

Early Life

Georgina Onuha was born on 29 September 1980, in Lagos, Nigeria. She attended Badagry Grammar School, Lagos. She later got admitted into Lagos State University where she bagged two bachelor’s degrees in International Relations and Strategic Studies.


In 1990, Georgina Onuha started her acting career in the Nigerian film industry at the age of ten. She gained national attention in 1992 as a result of her exceptional performance in the film titled “Living in Bondage.” She received a nomination from the Africa Movie Academy Awards for best supporting actress.

Personal Life

Georgina Onuha got married to Ifeanyi Igwegbe. The couple has two children together. Georgina and her family reside in America.


After the 2023 presidential election, Georgina made a public attack on Chioma Apotha stating that the latter is insensitive and egocentric after a video of Chioma Apotha calling for safety due to the chaos in her pooling unit went viral.

In her statement, she reminisces on how Chioma was cold towards the lives of some Nigerians who were endangered in the 2019 election but now turn around to seek extra security and military intervention at her polling unit because she was been attacked.

In her Post, Georgina claimed that she is happy that Chioma was been attacked. This post has led to lots of controversial debates among Nigerians as a greater number of Nigerians slammed Georgina for her insensitivity towards Chioma’s plight.

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