Vinod Khosla Net Worth

Net Worth:$6 Billion
Date of Birth: January 28, 1955 (69 years old)
Profession:Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist
Nationality:Indian and United States of America

What is Vinod Khosla’s net worth? How does Vinod Khosla make his money? Below is the current net worth of Vinod Khosla and how Vinod Khosla makes his money.

What is Vinod Khosla’s Net Worth?

Vinod Khosla is an Indian-American entrepreneur and venture capitalist who has a net worth of $6 billion. Vinod Khosla founded the venture capital firm Khosla Ventures and he is also the founding partner of the technology startup Sun Microsystems.

Khosla is possibly even more well-known for the uproar he caused at Martin’s Beach, a beach in central California. In 2008, Vinod paid $32 million for 53 acres of land close to Martin’s Beach. In 2010, Khosla started closing a gate that led to the pathway, thereby preventing anyone from reaching the beach. A legal dispute that was sparked by the altercation is still raging. California filed a lawsuit against Vinod on behalf of the California Coastal Commission and the California State Lands Commission in the early months of 2020.

Early Life

Vinod Khosla was born on January 28, 1955, in New Delhi, India. Khosla went to Mount St. Mary’s School for his basic education, and when he was a teen, a story about the foundation of Intel in the “Electronic Engineering Times” gave him the idea to pursue a career in technology. He graduated from IIT Delhi in 1976 with a bachelor’s in electrical engineering.

He authored a paper on parallel processing as a kid before the IT industry embraced the idea, and he later contributed to the creation of India’s first biomedical engineering program. He acquired a master’s degree in biomedical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, after graduating from IIT Delhi on a full scholarship.

Vinod attempted to enroll in Stanford University’s MBA program but was rejected due to his lack of relevant work experience. He held two full-time jobs in order to accumulate the necessary working experience, yet he was still turned down. Vinod Khosla graduated from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business in 1980.

Sun Microsystems

After receiving his MBA, Vinod was hired as the chief financial officer of Daisy Systems, a company that specialized in computer-aided engineering. Khosla quit Daisy Systems to concentrate on starting a business that produced general-purpose computers.

Under Vinod’s leadership, Sun Microsystems became profitable after just one year of operation. After Khosla left the business in 1984 to pursue venture capital, McNealy was named CEO. The ticker symbol “SUNW,” used when Sun Microsystems went public in 1986, was changed to “JAVA” in 2007.

As with most computer firms, Sun Microsystems saw a huge increase in sales during the dot-com boom in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Following the bubble, the business pulled back.

Sun Microsystems was purchased by Oracle Corporation for the sum of $7.4 billion in January 2010.

Venture Capital Career

Vinod was entrusted with overseeing investments in technologies when he joined Kleiner Perkins as a general partner in 1986. Earlier in his career, he also invested in SKS Microfinance, a company that provided small loans to impoverished women in rural India. To spend more time with his kids, Khosla reduced his working hours at Kleiner Perkins in 2004 and finally quit the company.

He founded Khosla Ventures later that year, which “offers venture support and strategic counsel to entrepreneurs working on breakthrough technology.” According to the Khosla Ventures website, the company oversees more than $15 billion in assets and focuses on industries like semiconductors, robotics, and sustainable energy.

Humanitarian Services

In addition to serving on the board of directors for Breakthrough Energy Ventures, he co-founded the Silicon Valley non-profit The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE). Vinod and Neeru gave $500,000 to the Wikimedia Foundation in 2008.

Khosla, a Democrat, organized a dinner to collect donations for Barack Obama in 2013 at his house in Portola Valley. He supported Hillary Clinton for president in the 2016 election.

Personal Life

In 1980, Vinod married Neeru, his high school girlfriend, and they have four kids. The CK-12 Foundation, a charity devoted to “improving access to high-quality K–12 STEM education materials,” was co-founded by Neeru. In the San Francisco Bay area, Khosla served as the advisory board’s honorary chair.

In 2000, the American Academy of Achievement presented Vinod Khosla with the Golden Plate Award, and in 2007, EY named him the Northern California Entrepreneur of the Year. Vinod Khosla has held positions on the boards of trustees at Carnegie Mellon University and the Blum Center for Developing Economies at the University of California, Berkeley. He also worked as an advisor for the website HackerRank.

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