Steve Jobs Net Worth

Net Worth:$10.2 Billion
Date of Birth: February 24, 1955 - March 17, 2011 (56 years old)
Height:6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Profession:Entrepreneur, Businessperson, Inventor, Designer
Nationality:United State Of America

What is Steve Jobs’s net worth? How does Steve Jobs make his money? Below is the current net worth of Steve Jobs and how Steve Jobs makes his money.

What is Steve Jobs’s Net Worth?

Steve Jobs was an English inventor and businessman who had a net worth of $10.2 billion at the time of his departure in 2011. He is prominent for being one of the chief executive officers of the technology giant, Apple Inc. Steve also works as the chief executive of Pixar Animation Studios where he aided marketing for Disney.


California’s San Francisco was the place of Steven Paul Jobs’ birth on February 24, 1955. Abdulfattah Jandali and Joanne Schieble were the man’s birth parents. Paul and Clara Jobs took on his adoption.

After leaving the Coast Guard in 1946 and marrying Clara Hagopian, Paul Reinhold Jobs, the boy’s estranged father, was a locksmith for the service. In 1968, Jobs began attending Homestead High. When he first met Steve Wozniak, Bill Fernandez acquainted them.

Jobs had a passion for electronics and literature throughout high school. Wozniak and Chrisann Brennan, who was his girlfriend and a junior, were his two closest pals during his senior year.

In 1971, Wozniak registered at the close-by University of California, Berkeley, and Jobs paid him many visits. At Stanford, Jobs was enrolled in English classes for college freshmen during his senior year of high school.

Around this time, Woz developed what he called a “blue box,” a cheap digital gadget that could influence the telephone system through noises in order to enable the user to make cheap lengthy calls.

Jobs made the decision to sell them, advertise them, and share the proceeds with Wozniak. Jobs came to the conclusion that working in the semiconductor industry might be both lucrative and enjoyable.


In February 1974, Jobs moved back home to Los Altos and began seeking for employment. In their Los Gatos, California office, Atari, Inc. hired him as a technician. Nolan Bushnell, the other co-founder of Atari, subsequently referred to him as “tough but essential,” noting that “he was very often the sharpest guy in the room, and he would let people know that.”

The Apple I computer’s fundamental design was finished by Wozniak in March 1976. He displayed it to Jobs, who recommended that they sell it. Jobs came up with the moniker after emerging from a fruit farm where he had lived solely off of apples for more than ten days.

The Apple Computer Company (now known as Apple Inc.) was established on April 1, 1976, in Jobs’s parents’ house by Wozniak, Jobs, and operational supervisor Ronald Wayne. Jobs’ bedroom served as the initial location for the business, which eventually transferred to the carport.

Wayne continued with the firm for a brief period of time, leaving Jobs and Wozniak as the company’s active principal founders. Later that year, computer vendor Paul Terrell paid $500 each for 50 completely constructed Apple I devices from them. In the end, about 200 Apple I computers were made.

The breakthrough of the Apple 1 paved the way for the even better effectiveness of the Apple II. Apple made $175,000 in sales in 1976. Sales reached $2.7 million in 1977. The final line of Apple’s “1984” Super Bowl tv commercial, which was broadcast on January 22, 1984, was: “On January 24th, Apple Computer will launch Macintosh.

When revenues of his much-hyped Macintosh computer did not correspond to the anticipation in 1985, Jobs was forced to depart Apple. The following several years were devoted to the development of Pixar Animation Studio, the computer business NeXT, and the system software that Apple would later need to purchase from NeXT.

Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 after NeXT was purchased by the company for $427 million. We are all aware of what followed. Jobs also profited handsomely from Pixar. Toy Story, the studio’s smash blockbuster from 1995, brought them fame. In 2006, Disney paid $7.4 billion in an all-stock deal to acquire Pixar.


In 1991, Jobs was hitched to Laurene Powell. She was an advanced Stanford University student when they first connected. He was delivering an invited talk. Business executive Powell established the Emerson Collective, which promotes a variety of topics.

Jobs had four children, one of them was the novelist and artist Lisa Brennan-Jobs, who was Chrisann Brennan’s high school sweetheart. Mona Simpson, Steve’s sister, is a bestselling author. In the biopic Steve Jobs, released in 2015, Michael Fassbender played Jobs. In the 2013 movie Jobs, Ashton Kutcher also portrayed him.

Resignation from Apple and Departure

Jobs abruptly left Apple on August 24, 2011, and the majority of individuals assumed that he did so for medical purposes. Sadly, pancreatic cancer claimed Steve Jobs’ life on October 5, 2011. Former Apple COO and longstanding employee Tim Cook succeeded him.

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