Robert Iger Net Worth

Net Worth:$350 Million
Date of Birth: February 10, 1951 (73 years old)
Nationality:United State Of America

What is Robert Iger’s net worth? How does Robert Iger make his money? Below is the current net worth of Robert Iger and how Robert Iger makes his money.

What is Robert Iger’s Net Worth?

Robert Iger is an English business magnate and director who has a net worth of $350 million. The corporation saw monetary achievement as a result of these and many other initiatives made by Iger, as Disney’s market valuation climbed under his leadership from $48.5 billion to a staggering $257 billion in just 13 years.

The business made $2.5 billion in profit when Bob Iger became CEO. The business brought in $10.4 billion in sales in 2019—his final full year in that role. Without factoring in earnings, Disney shares increased by 400% between 2005 and 2020.


On February 10th, 1951, Robert Allan Iger was born in New York City. Iger was up in a Jewish household; his father served in the navy during the Second World War and after the war, he worked in trade, promotion, and media affairs.

Iger studied at the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College after completing his high school education in 1969, earning his degree there in 1973. A Bachelor of Science in Television and Radio was awarded to him.

He showed an emerging trend in the media by presenting a reality series for Ithaca College and serving as a weatherman in Ithaca for five months. Robert Iger originally aspired to work as a broadcaster on a significant news network, but he soon changed his mind.


A market price of $130 million was formerly assigned to Bob Iger’s 1.08 million Disney units. From his basic pay, bonuses, and restricted stock, Bob typically made $40 to $50 million in total remuneration in the years before his pension.

According to reports, Iger was said to have made a $44.9 million compensation in 2015. Iger was said to have made $3 million in compensation plus $21.8 million in bonuses in 2018, according to a 2019 Forbes estimate.

His overall income that year totaled $47.5 million after adding $19.6 million from stock incentives and choices.

Award And Nomination

Steven Spielberg honored Robert Iger with the 2012 Ambassador of Humanity Award. The Producer’s Guild of America presented him with the Milestone Award in 2014. Iger received the “Business executive of the Year” award from People magazine in 2019.


He started to work at ABC in 1974, first performing basic tasks for a pitiful salary. But over the following 15 years, he progressively rose up the hierarchy, eventually taking over as president of ABC Amusement in 1989.

After that, in 1993, he was appointed president of ABC Network Television Group and vice president of Capital Cities/ABC. His career advanced once more in 1994 when he was named COO (Chief Operations Officer) of Capital Cities/ABC, the parent company of ABC.

Capital Cities/ABC was acquired by the Walt Disney Company in 1996, and Robert Iger retained the COO. He subsequently rose to the role of president of the business, which he maintained until 1999, when he was appointed president of the Walt Disney Company.

He kept his position as the ABC group’s director. Eisner’s tenure as CEO would soon come to an end when Iger succeeded him as CEO in 2005. Roy E. Disney chose Iger over other Disney employees who wanted to give the company a new look and explore new possibilities.

Before selecting Iger as the next CEO, Roy E. Disney and other board members even went so far as to start a formal “Save Disney” campaign. A year later, in 2006, Iger made one of his most audacious decisions as Disney CEO by announcing the company had acquired Pixar. The overall deal value was $7.4 billion, and Disney effectively completed a purchase.

Iger made yet another audacious choice in 2009 when he paid $4 to announce that it would acquire Marvel Entertainment. Iger joined Apple, Inc.’s board members in 2011 and was elected the board’s chairman. Following Iger’s economic transactions, Disney and Apple were deeply entwined.

Iger made another astounding acquisition in 2012 when he paid $4 billion to George Lucas to acquire LucasFilm. The Star Wars and Indiana Jones trademarks were given to the Walt Disney Company as a result of this action. Despite the fact that Disney paid a hefty price for these purchases, the company quickly saw a return on its expenditure.

Disney had already recovered $4 billion from the purchase of Marvel by the year 2014. The Force Awakens made $2 billion at the box office when it was released in 2015, reimbursing half of Disney’s commitment with only one film. Under Iger’s leadership, Disney made the audacious decision to finalize the acquisition of 21st Century Fox in 2018.

Iger’s tenure as CEO of Disney was regularly prolonged, despite the fact that his deal was initially supposed to last through 2018. Disney extended his contract twice in 2017; ultimately, it now expires in 2021. Iger did so willingly in 2020, just before his deal was about to expire.

He had also resigned from the Apple board of directors a year earlier, citing possible conflicts of interest as Apple looked to enter the music business with Apple TV.

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