Mohammed bin Salman Net Worth

Net Worth:$5 Billion
Date of Birth: August 31, 1985 (38 years old)
Nationality:Saudi Arabia

What is Mohammed bin Salman’s net worth? How does Mohammed bin Salman make his money? Below is the current net worth of Mohammed bin Salman and how Mohammed bin Salman makes his money.

What is Mohammed bin Salman’s Net Worth?

Mohammed bin Salman is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia who has a net worth of $5 billion. He is regarded as Saudi Arabia’s de facto leader and is King Salman bin Abdulaziz’s eighth child. He has held positions in Saudi Arabia including deputy leader and minister of defense, going by the moniker “MBS.”


Salman bin Abdulaziz, who was then the prince, and Fahda bint Falah Al Hithlain, Abdulaziz’s third wife, welcomed their son Mohammed bin Salman on August 31, 1985. Regarding his mother’s offspring, Mohammed bin Salman is the oldest.

He is also his father’s eighth kid and seventh son. He studied law at King Saud University, where he earned his undergrad program.


After completing his undergraduate education, bin Salman spent some time working in the private industry before becoming his father’s personal assistant. He first worked as a contractor for the Saudi Cabinet-coordinated Experts Commission.

When he was 24 years old, his father, who was the administrator of the province of Riyadh, hired him as a governmental counselor. He kept progressing up the ladder, advancing from one position to the next.

After the passing of Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, bin Salman’s father gained influence and appointed his son as his personal advisor. Led to the passing of Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz in June 2012, his father assumed the role of the next crown prince.

Bin Salman was appointed army chief in 2015. The political chaos in Yemen was one of the first challenges he had to handle when he assumed this role. Bin Salman was designated Crown Prince and designated the heir putative to the monarchy in 2017.

Nevertheless, leading to a shortage of a cohesive reaction across all of the Saudi Arabian ministries, bin Salman was condemned by several, both within Saudi Arabia and in the united nations.

Bin Salman started a crackdown throughout the Saudi government and corporate community in May 2017, announcing that corruption would be found and eliminated, even at the highest ranks.

Generally speaking, bin Salman has been characterized as a patriotic ruler with a conservative outlook on politics but a more liberal posture on economic and social matters. He unveiled a strategic plan called Vision 2030 with the intention of diversifying and privatizing Saudi Arabia’s economic system.

Bin Salman wants to wean the country’s economy off of its dependence solely on oil and entice investment into fields like nanotechnology, sustainable sources, automation, and innovative manufacturing. One of the main ways he has accomplished this is by establishing Neom, a $500 billion economic zone that spans 26,000 square kilometers along the Red Sea coast.

In addition to emphasizing innovation, bin Salman has stated he intends to maintain and reestablish Saudi Arabia’s hegemony over the world oil markets. In October 2018, the high-speed train system that connects Mecca and Medina began operating for business reasons under his leadership.

Additionally, in November 2018, Bin Salman unveiled a proposal to construct the first nuclear reactor in Saudi Arabia with the intention of constructing 16 nuclear reactors over the following 20 years. Bin Salman has concentrated on liberalizing specific facets of Saudi Arabian society at home.

In addition, he launched the first public cinema in the nation in 2018 after a 35-year prohibition. He first revealed his ambitions in April of 2017 to build one of the biggest ethnic, sporting, and entertainment towns on the globe in Al Qiddiya.

After a 35-year ban, he also inaugurated the first communal theater in the nation in 2018. He has pledged a shift away from the super duper Saudi Arabian state toward one that is more liberal and inclusive of all world religions, as well as a number of structural reforms.

At the same time, Saudi Arabia has been accused of committing several human rights violations, notably with regard to how women are treated.


Bin Salman wed Sara bint Mashour in April 2008; she was his first cousin and the niece of his uncle Mashour bin Abdulaziz. Five kids were born to the pair.

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