Carl Icahn Net Worth

Net Worth:$24 Billion
Date of Birth: February 16, 1936 (88 years old)
Profession:Businessperson, Financier, Investor
Nationality:United State Of America

What is Carl Icahn’s net worth? How does Carl Icahn make his money? Below is the current net worth of Carl Icahn and how Carl Icahn makes his money.

What is Carl Icahn’s Net Worth?

Carl Icahn is an English entrepreneur, investor, and activist stockholder who has a net worth of $24 billion. The operating business Icahn Enterprises in New York City was founded by Carl Icahn, who is also its majority stakeholder.


Bella, an educator, and Michael, a cantor and later a substitute teacher, welcomed Carl Icahn into the world on February 16, 1936, in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York City. Icahn attended Far Rockaway High School while growing up in Queens.

He afterward enrolled in Princeton University, where he later earned an AB in philosophy in 1957. After enrolling, Icahn chose to attend the New York University School of Medicine, but he left after just two years to join the military reserve.

Early Career In Business

Icahn started the global market in 1961 when he joined the Dreyfus Corporation as a stockbroker. A few years later, he began working at Gruntal & Co. after serving as an options manager for Tessel, Patrick & Co.

Icahn invested $400,000 from his uncle in addition to his personal resources of $150,000 to buy a seat on the New York Stock Exchange in 1968. Later, he established Icahn & Co., a firm that specialized in hazard arbitrage and options trading.

In 1978, Icahn made his first effort at taking ownership of a company when he bought a majority position in the gadget maker Tappan and forced a sale to Electrolux, virtually doubling his initial investment.

He acquired Bayswater Realty & Capital Corporation the next year. Icahn bought AFC Industries in the early 1980s, and he profited $50 million when he sold his shares to Phillips Petroleum in 1985.

Career In Business

Beyond the TWA disaster, Icahn has been active in various business ventures. He made an $8 billion abortive attempt to seize over U.S. Steel hostilely in 1986. When he traded his stake for $1 billion five years later, he earned a profit of $200 million.

Icahn also made a sizable profit in 1989 when he sold his stock in Texaco. In addition to acquiring controlling holdings in Time Warner and Blockbuster Video, Icahn actually raised $3 billion in 2004 to launch his hedge fund, Icahn Partners.

He also purchased stock in a number of other businesses, including Take-Two Interactive, Telik, Motricity, BEA Systems, Biogen, Yahoo!, Lawson Software, Mentor Graphics, Netflix, Nuance Communications, Hologic, Lyft, and many others.

In 2011, he also made an unsuccessful bid to take over Lionsgate Films. Icahn has also contributed hundreds of millions to Apple.

Career In Politics

Icahn supported Donald Trump for president in the 2016 election. In addition, he disclosed the formation of a super PAC with a $150 million pledge for corporate tax distortions. Icahn took on the role of Special Advisor to the President on Regulatory Reform following the election, which he held until August 2017.

The following year, Icahn sold investments in stocks whose price was susceptible to steel just days before the Trump administration slapped a tariff on imports of the metal, saving himself millions of dollars in damages.


Icahn first met Liba Trejbal, a Czech ballerina, in 1978; when she fell pregnant eight months later, he promised to marry her if she would sign a prenuptial agreement. Their two children, Brett and Michelle, were born in 1979 after they got married.

Trejbal later sought a divorce and filed a lawsuit to have the prenuptial agreement declared unlawful on the grounds that she was coerced into signing it. This was in 1993. Consequently, in 1999, the couple got a divorce.

Icahn eventually married Gail Golden, his longtime aide, and the union gave birth to two stepchildren.

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