Clark Hunt Net Worth

Net Worth:$2 Billion
Date of Birth: February 19, 1965 - February 7, 2023 (57 years old)
Nationality:United States of America

What is Clark Hunt’s Net Worth?

Clark Hunt is an American businessman and sports team owner who has a net worth of $2 billion. The major owner, chairman, and CEO of the NFL team Kansas City Chiefs is Clark Hunt, who is perhaps most known for these roles. In addition, he was a founding shareholder of FC Dallas and Major League Soccer.

The Chiefs won their first Super Bowl since 1969 in 2020, under Clark’s leadership. His wealth was passed down to Clark. He made a fortune in the Texas oil fields with his grandfather, H.L. Hunt. Legend has it that H.L. won the cash necessary to purchase his first oil fields through poker bets.

He eventually held the vast bulk of the East Texas Oil Field following a number of acquisitions. He was regarded as the richest American in 1948. With a net worth of $400–700 million at the time of his passing in 1975, H.L. Hunt was among the wealthiest persons on the planet.


Clark Hunt was born in Dallas, Texas on February 19, 1965. He was the son of H.L. Hunt, one of the richest men in the world at the time of his death in 1975, who made his fortune as an investor and became the billionaire, Lamar Hunt, as we previously said.

Following his time at St. Mark’s School of Texas, Clark attended Southern Methodist University, where he earned a double degree in finance and business administration before graduating in 1987. Clark was an All-American soccer player twice while attending SMU.

Clark worked at Goldman Sachs for two years after graduating from college before deciding to return to Texas and join the family business. Nelson Bunker Hunt, Clark’s uncle in the 1970s, briefly held the title of the richest man in the world. Then, a day later, because of a poor silver price prediction, he famously lost the championship and went bankrupt.


Clark’s father Lamar attempted to purchase the NFL’s Chicago Cardinals team in the late 1950s with the intention of relocating the team to Dallas.

He was dismissed. Unfazed, Lamar and a number of other wealthy people—including Bud Adams, the future owner of the Houston Oilers—who had unsuccessfully applied to buy NFL franchises decided to create their own league. It was known as the American Football League. The Dallas Texans are a sports team that Lamar founded.

The NFL established a team called the Dallas Cowboys in reaction and to stifle their expansion. After a few years, Lamar came to the realization that Dallas could not sustain two professional football teams, and in 1963 he consented to the team’s relocation to Kansas City and renaming as the Chiefs.

In 1966, the AFL and NFL united. It was agreed upon during the merger that the top team from each league would compete in the season’s final championship game. It wasn’t given a name until Lamar famously referred to it as the “Super Bowl” in a letter to the NFL commissioner on which all other owners were copied.

The moniker endured. At the age of 74, Lamar Hunt passed away in December 2006. Lamar’s four children took over ownership of the Chiefs after his death. The kids then chose Clark to serve as team chairman and CEO.

Clark, a team captain for the SMU men’s soccer team and a two-time All-American, played a significant role in the creation of Major League Soccer.

The Kansas City Wizards were formed by Clark and his father, who owned them until they were sold in 2006. Clark presently owns FC Dallas and serves on the MLS board of governors.


The former Miss Missouri Teen USA and Miss Kansas USA, Tavia Shackles, was married to Clark in 1993. They have three kids together.

Kansas City Chiefs Ownership

Clark’s father, Lamar Hunt, was a founding member of the American Football League and a co-owner of a team back then known as the Dallas Texans. Lamar was H.L. Hunt’s son. The Dallas Cowboys eliminated the Dallas Texans upon the merger of the AFL and NFL.

Lamar relocated the group to Kansas City and gave them the new moniker of Chiefs. After their father passed away in 2006, Clark and his three siblings took over ownership of the group. The Kansas City Chiefs are currently valued at $4 billion.

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