Oliver North Net Worth

Net Worth:$5 Million
Date of Birth: October 7, 1943 (80 years old)
Profession:Politician, Author, Military Officer, Consultant, Voice Actor, Presenter
Nationality:United States of America

What is Oliver North’s Net Worth?

Oliver North is an American past United States Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, conservative political commentator, media personality, military historian, and writer who has a net worth of $5 million.

Oliver North rose to national prominence as a result of his involvement in the Iran-Contra affair of the 1980s, in which Contra rebel organizations in Nicaragua received revenues from goods sold to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In addition to becoming a Fox News celebrity and hosting a radio talk show for several years, he also presided over the NRA from May 2018 to April 2019.


Oliver North was born in San Antonio, Texas on October 7, 1943. After that, he enrolled at the State University of New York in Brockport. He transferred to the United States Naval Academy after two years at SUNY-Brockport after being accepted.

Career Beginnings

After serving in Vietnam, he advanced through the ranks to eventually hold the position of deputy director for political-military relations at the National Security Council in Washington, D.C. The Silver Star and the Purple Heart are only two of the countless military accolades and distinctions he received.

Political Scandal

He is most well-known for his involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal. During the Reagan era, there was a political controversy involving the sale of arms to Iran, with the proceeds flowing to the Contras in Nicaragua.

He was found guilty of three crimes relating to the conspiracy, but the convictions were overturned and all charges were dropped in 1991 after an appeals court found that the evidence of one of the witnesses at his trial may have compromised their credibility.


Oliver was a Republican who sought the US Senate in 1994. He was unsuccessful. Through a massive nationwide direct-mail fundraising effort, Oliver earned $20.3 million for his campaign. At the time, direct mail had never raised that much money.

On Radio America in 1995, Oliver started a chat show. Up until 2005, he was the show’s host. “War Stories with Oliver North” was the name of the Fox News program he also presented from 2001 until 2016.

Numerous books by Oliver have achieved great success. Even the 2012 video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II hired him as a military expert. He is a well-known public speaker. Oliver was elected as the National Rifle Association’s president in May 2018.

A few months later, in September, his term officially began. The NRA President’s role is formally a voluntary one without compensation, according to a number of media publications and court investigations that were made public in 2020.

Again, sources indicate that Oliver was earning a respectable wage and that his family was covered by health insurance as a result of his position at Fox News.

Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre of the NRA allegedly devised a scheme whereby Oliver would receive a $2 million yearly income from the group’s advertising firm, Ackerman McQueen, in exchange for accepting the voluntary position of the organization’s leader.


Oliver and Betsy Stuart have been wed since 1967. They have four kids together. They had been residing on a 100-acre farm in Bluemont, Virginia, for a long time.

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