Net Worth:$5 Million
Date of Birth: January 23, 1998 - June 18, 2018 (20 years old)
Profession:American rapper
Nationality:United States of America

What is XXXTentacion’s Net Worth

XXXTentacion was an American Rapper who passed away with a net worth of $5 million in June 2018. With his exclusive style of music, he has incredibly devoted followers who love him.

The tremendous emotions of inner conflict and melancholy that XXXTentacion experienced frequently inspired his music.

His music, which refused classification, was influenced by emo, trap, indie rock, nu-metal, hip-hop, and punk rock.

XXXTentation, despite being a successful singer, has always had legal issues, starting with a youthful stint in a juvenile detention center that provided him the inspiration for his first song.

He repeatedly served prison sentences during his rap career as a result of these continuing legal issues.

XXXTentacion was killed in Florida in 2018 by two hooded guys. After shooting the rapper, the robbers ran off with a Louis Vuitton bag holding $50,000 in cash. Many of XXX’s fans were grieved by his passing, which was seen as a terrible incident by the hip-hop community.


On January 23rd, 1998, in Plantation, Florida, Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy was born. At age six, he tried to stab a guy who was beating his mother which was a display of violence.

Both the church choir and the school chorus were his first exposures to music, but he was expelled later as a result of fighting another student.

Subsequently, due to other physical altercations, XXXTentacion was dismissed from middle school. During this time, he fell in love with rock and nu-metal and began learning the guitar and piano. After experiencing uncertainty and sadness, XXX left high school in the tenth grade.


After the song “Gun/Flock” was released in 2013, he got in touch with other rappers who were detained for minor offenses, like Ski Mask the Slump God. After that, he began to post music to SoundCloud under the stage name “XXXTentacion.” In Spanish, “tentacion” is the word for “temptation.” In 2014, Onfroy published his first EP, titled “The Fall,” following the creation of the group “Members Only.”

Before quitting his work and concentrating solely on music, more mixtapes and EPs were released. He began producing his debut record, “Bad Vibes Forever,” in 2016, despite legal concerns.

But XXX’s breakthrough came with the song “Look at Me” in 2017. Despite being freed in 2017 and releasing more studio albums and mixtapes, including “I Need Jesus” and “17,” his career was delayed by a second prison sentence.

XXXTentacion started “The Revenge Tour” in 2017, and several problems, including stabbings and fistfights, appeared while he was on the road.

After putting out a music video for “Look at Me,” he followed up his debut solo mixtape “Revenge” with the release of his debut solo album “17,” which eventually went triple platinum.

XXXTentacion’s songs were released retroactively for a while after his passing.

Legal Problems

XXXTentacion struggled with legal problems even after his first stay in a youth prison facility for possessing a gun. A house invasion, robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon were all alleged to have occurred two years later when he was apprehended.

Then, in connection with the same case, XXX was accused of false detention, tampering with witnesses, and serious battery on a pregnant victim.

His house detention was eventually lifted, and he was freed. A video of Onfroy hitting a woman in 2013 appeared after he was released.

XXXTentacion appeared to confess to a number of crimes, including domestic abuse and stabbings, in an audio clip that was later published in 2018.


In October 2017, it was revealed that $6 million in record deals had been inked by XXXTentacion. XXX abruptly ended the $6 million contract shortly after announcing it, for reasons that remain a mystery.

It was then discovered that XXX had inked a $10 million deal with the label Empire just weeks before he passed away to release his next album.

Inheritance Disputes

XXX’s half-brother Corey Pack sued XXX’s mother Cleopatra Bernard for an estate dispute after he passed away. In addition to seeking at least $11 million in damages, he demanded more access to a trust fund that XXX allegedly left behind for Pack and two other beneficiaries.

Jodi Kavney, the mother of Pack, brought the lawsuit on behalf of her son, alleging that Bernard had planned to steal from the trust and use the money for her own benefit.

In accordance with these charges, Pack and XXX’s brother Aiden Kerr intended to split the remaining 50% of the trust fund’s funds, leaving Bernard to get only 50% of them as they were.

Kaveny claimed Bernard “inappropriately and covertly transferred” the full amount into her personal accounts. As a result, if Kavney and her son can show that Bernard stole the money on purpose, they could be awarded as much as $33 million.

XXX’s postmortem record label Bad Vibe Entities and Pack’s alleged “ownership rights” to it are also cited in the lawsuit. Furthermore, it’s thought that XXX has a sizable collection of unheard music in his library that will enable his family to continue releasing albums for many more years.

Real estate

At the time of XXXTentacion’s death, according to sources from 2018, he was reportedly moving into a $1.4 million home. The 6,000-square-foot property in Parkland, Florida, is just a 15-minute drive from the murder scene of the rapper.

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