Tyler Perry Net Worth

Net Worth:$800 million
Date of Birth: September 13, 1969 (54 years old)
Height:6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Profession:Screenwriter, Playwright, Film Producer, Television producer, Actor, Film director, Theatre Director, Television Director, Author, Songwriter
Nationality:United States of America

What is Tyler Perry’s net worth? How does Tyler Perry make his money? Below is the current net worth of Tyler Perry and how Tyler Perry makes his money.

What is Tyler Perry’s Net Worth?

Tyler Perry is an American actor, director, playwright, and producer who has a net worth of $800 million. One of the directors in the entertainment industry who has made the most money is by far Tyler Perry.

Over the course of his career, he has produced and directed more than 30 films, 20 plays, and 8 television shows. He himself earns between $200 and $250 million a year from his extensive entertainment industry. His production company currently earns $150 million a year from just one contract with ViacomCBS.


Perry was born Emmitt Perry, Jr., on September 13, 1969, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He obtained a GED even though he didn’t complete high school. Tyler began writing as a means of assisting in the healing of his mental wounds from his early experiences of abuse at the hands of various family members.

After viewing an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show that described the uplifting and therapeutic impacts that writing can have on a person in his early 20s, he was inspired to pursue a career as a writer.

Perry found that writing was a good diversion. Later on, he composed a number of letters to himself, which later became the inspiration for the musical I Know I’ve Been Changed. This, along with his other theater shows, swiftly developed a fan base throughout Atlanta and beyond, reaching a weekly attendance high of more than 35,000 people.


Perry approached production company Lionsgate with a proposal after seeing domestic success. For a prospective movie that requires a $5.5 million budget, Perry would contribute half of the money.

Lionsgate contributed the other half and collected a 12% distribution charge in addition to a minor marketing cost. After those expenses, they would equally divide the profits. Diary of a Mad Black Woman, released in 2005, was their debut film under this agreement.

The movie brought in $50.6 million domestically and went on to make an extra $150 million via home video and TV syndication sales. According to the terms of his deal with Lionsgate, Perry is the owner of the content and gets a share of the money.

From June 21, 2006, to August 10, 2012, the popular sitcom “House of Payne” by Tyler Perry aired on television. Unexpectedly strong ratings for the new network were obtained by CW after the program’s first airing.

In an effort to lure Perry and Payne away from the CW, TBS promised to produce 90 episodes and provided a $200 million production guarantee.  The production costs for Tyler were infamously merely $60 million.

The remaining $140 million was kept by him for his own use. In addition, he conceived, helmed, and wrote the script for the TBS television program Meet the Browns, which premiered in January 2009 and ran until November 18, 2011.

Perry has acted in a number of films, including Vice (2018), Alex Cross (2016), Gone Girl (2014), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016), Star Trek (2009), and Alex Cross (2012).

Two other books by Perry—Higher is Waiting (2017) and Don’t Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings: Madea’s Uninhibited Commentaries on Love and Life (2006)—both made their debuts in the top five of the New York Times Best Sellers list.

It sold 30,000 copies and peaked at number one with Don’t Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings (2006).


To distance himself from his violent father, Emmitt Perry, Sr., Perry officially changed his first name at the age of 16. However, a DNA test performed a few years later demonstrated that Emmitt Sr. was not Perry’s biological father.

Perry isn’t married, but she’s been dating model and social activist Gelila Bekele since 2009. Bekele helped them have their son Aman Tyler Perry in November 2014.

In addition to his work in television and movies, Perry is active in a variety of philanthropic organizations and routinely donates to those in need. Perry, for instance, paid for 65 kids from a day camp in Philadelphia to travel to Walt Disney World in 2009.


In October 2008, Tyler Perry Studios allegedly unlawfully fired four writers in retribution for their attempt to obtain a union contract, according to complaints made by the Writers Guild of America, West to the National Labor Relations Board. After one month, the conflict was resolved.

Early in 2009, Perry threatened to sue Memphis-based Mo’ Money Taxes for airing a television commercial he believed blatantly mimicked his work, most notably Madea Goes to Jail. Perry also vowed to sue other tax preparation businesses.

An enormous Caucasian man dubbed Ma’Madea was pictured in the advertisement wearing drag. After some time, the television ad was no longer broadcast.

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