Kenneth Copeland Net Worth

Net Worth:$305 million
Date of Birth: December 6, 1936 (87 years old)
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.69 m)
Profession:American televangelist,Public speaker,Producer and author
Nationality:United States of America

What is Kenneth Copeland’s net worth? How does Kenneth Copeland make his money? Below is the current net worth of Kenneth Copeland and how Kenneth Copeland makes his money.

What is Kenneth Copeland’s Net Worth?

Kenneth Copeland is an American Televangelist, Musician, and Public Speaker who has a net worth of $305 million. His extravagant lifestyle has attracted numerous disagreements and criticisms. Some of these are his multiple mansions, and acquisition of a private jet worth over $20 million from Tyler Perry.

Early Life

In Lubbock, Texas Kenneth Copeland was birthed on 6 December 1936. Before he was led to Christin 1962, he was a music artist with over 40 hits with the single “Pledge of Love.”

Copeland’s ministry which dwells more on the preachings of the prosperity gospel is situated in Tarrant County, Texas. Some of his preachings are done on CDs, Television, books, and DVDs.

Personal Life

Kenneth Copeland has been married three times. The first was in October 1955 with Ivy Bodiford who bore a girl child named Terri Copeland Pearsons. Another was from 1958 to 1961 to Cynthia Davis.

Finally, he married Gloria(nee Neece) on 13 April 1963  who birthed John and Kellie Copeland.

Kellie his daughter preaches throughout the United States as well as Terri who also preaches at Eagle Mountain International Church, where George Pearson her husband pastors.

Kenneth Copeland Wealth

Copeland has attracted many criticisms battling around his source of wealth and dependence on church income to boost his extravagant lifestyle. Reports have it that his net worth is much more than $750 million or even $1 billion which has not been rebuffed by the Preacher himself.

Kenneth Copeland and Gloria his wife reportedly live in a mansion funded by his church which is worth over $6.5 million. He makes reference to his numerous properties and his oil and gas investments as sources of his wealth.


In 2008, the promotion of Mike Huckabee’s books and presidential campaign crowdsourcing on the Televangelist religious programs, resulted in several questioning, especially from the United States on his church tax exemption status.

Also, other controversial issues emerged in mid-March 2020 when Kenneth Copeland claimed that his viewers through blowing his breath which was the ”wind of God” will be cured of Coronavirus.

Private Jets

According to numerous reports, the luxurious Gulfstream V private jet was purchased from Tyler Perry and requesting a donation of $17 – $20 million from followers to upgrade his airport’s hanger and runaway caused an additional controversy.

He allegedly has used these private jets for tours retreats and numerous holidays. Copeland stated earlier that he does not ”want to get into a chute with a bunch of demons by flying on a commercial plane.

Kenneth’s request for a 3.5 million tax-exemption status for his private jets has been denied by the IRS in 2009.

A reporter was reported to have questioned Copeland in a private airport over his extravagant lifestyle in May 2019 but he responded in a strange manner.

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