Kate Hudson Net Worth

Net Worth:$80 Million
Date of Birth: April 19, 1979 (45 years old)
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Profession:Actor, Film Producer
Nationality:United States of America

What is Kate Hudson’s Net Worth?

Kate Hudson is an American actress, producer, and entrepreneur who has a net worth of $80 million. Kate Hudson first caught the public’s attention in the hit film, “Almost Famous”. Almost everyone took a second look at her performance since it was so similar to her mother Goldie Hawn’s earlier work.

Following her breakout performance in that movie, she went on to star in a number of high-profile movies that all sought to establish her as a leading lady of the romantic comedy genre. Unfortunately, this venture met with distinctly mixed results, and for every hit project, like “How to Lose a Man in 10 Days”, there was a box office catastrophe, such as, “The Four Feathers”.

She went through a phase of disinterest in late 2006, following a run of unsuccessful movies and her divorce from her first husband, Black Crowes vocalist Chris Robinson. Since then, she has appeared in a wider range of roles. She took on roles in darker movies like “Nine” and “The Killer Inside Me,” showing that she was interested in establishing herself as something other than a gorgeous, funny girl.

In this piece, we will go into more detail about Kate’s subsequent success as one of the co-founders of the subscription apparel business Fabletics.


She was born Kate Garry Hudson on April 19, 1979, in Los Angeles, California. She resembles her famous mother more than just a little bit, and Hudson is the actress Goldie Hawn’s daughter. The musician, actor, and comedian Bill Hudson is her biological father. At the age of just 18 months, her parents got divorced.

Her mother, along with Goldie Hawn’s longtime partner Kurt Russell, raised her and her brother, fellow actor Oliver Hudson, in Snowmass, Colorado, and Pacific Palisades, California. Since Kate doesn’t know her biological father, she views Russell as her sole father.

Crossroads College Preparatory School in Santa Monica, where Hudson attended, awarded him his diploma in 1997. Although she received a scholarship to attend New York University, she decided against going to school in favor of a career in acting.

Career As A Actress

In 1996, Kate played one of her first parts on the Fox television series Party of Five, marking her television debut (1994-2000). In spite of the fact that she only made an appearance in one episode, “Spring Breaks Part 1,” she was inspired to pursue a career as a professional actor. 1998’s “Desert Blue” marked her acting debut.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t until 1999 that she began to gain public recognition as critics praised her outstanding portrayal of Cindy in “200 Cigarettes,” despite the fact that the film itself was a box office dud. In the 2000 films “Gossip” and “Dr. T and the Ladies,” both of which had supporting parts, she won praise.

Her performance in “Almost Famous,” directed by Cameron Crowe, in 2001 demonstrated that she was poised to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a major force in the movie business.

Penny Lane, a dedicated fan of the fictitious band Stillwater, was played by Hudson. She not only became well-known because of this role, but it also earned her nominations for the Golden Globe, several other prestigious awards, and the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

She had a cameo appearance in the romantic war film “The Four Feathers” starring Heath Ledger in 2002, in the midst of a hectic schedule that included fashion shoots and award events.

Hudson responded with surefire success as she featured alongside quirky hunk Matthew McConaughey in the romantic comedy “How to Lose a Man in 10 Days” in 2003, which ended up being a box office flop. The movie opened to nearly $100 million in box office revenue.

It was a critical and commercial success. She then starred in 2003’s “Le Divorce” alongside Naomi Watts. In the romantic comedies “Alex and Emma” and “Raising Helen,” she played a young lady who is appointed as the guardian of her sister’s children after she passes away.

The spooky thriller “The Skeleton Key,” in which Hudson featured, was a box office and critical triumph in 2005. In the 2006 comedy “You, Me, and Deupree,” Hudson starred alongside Owen Wilson and Matt Dillon.

The movie made $21 million in its first weekend of release and eventually brought in $130.4 million worldwide. When they co-starred in “Fool’s Gold,” another box office success, Hudson and Matthew McConaughey teamed up once more. Hudson and Anne Hathaway co-starred in the 2009 film “Bride Wars.”

Although the film received poor reviews, it nevertheless made $114 million worldwide. Hudson’s subsequent performance with Daniel-Day Lewis in the musical “Nine” received positive reviews. During the 2010s, Hudson’s career began to shift toward more independent parts.

She co-starred with Casey Affleck in “The Killer Inside Me,” which received positive reviews when it debuted at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and played the wife of a West Texas serial murderer. She also acted in the short films “Something Borrowed” and “A Little Piece of Paradise.”

Despite having a $15 million budget, the movie only made $3 million at the box office in the United States. The DreamWorks Animation film “Kung Fu Panda 3,” released in 2016, included Hudson as a panda voice actor. Her most well-known part in the movie garnered $521 million in worldwide box office revenue.

She starred in “Mother’s Day” the same year and appeared in the drama “Deepwater Horizon” as the character’s wife. The movie had a modest commercial debut with favorable reviews. Hudson portrayed Marshall in 2017. Although her performance was met with a small theatre audience, critics gave it favorable reviews. In Sia’s upcoming movie “Music,” Kate is expected to play the lead role.

Real Estate

Kate spent $5.4 million buying a house in the Pacific Palisades section of Los Angeles in 2003. The house next door was purchased by Kate for $5.3 million in June 2011.


Chris Robinson, the frontman for The Black Crowes, and Hudson were wed from December 2000 to October 2007. Ryder Russell Robinson, a boy, was born to them in January 2004. Beginning in 2010, Hudson dated Matt Bellamy, the lead singer of Muse.

In April 2011, they got engaged, and in July 2011, their son Bingham Hawn Bellamy was born. The couple allegedly still gets along well as co-parents of their son even after they declared the end of their engagement in 2014. Danny Fujikawa and Hudson started dating in 2016.

When she was 23 years old, they had already met. Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa was born on October 2, 2018, and her parents made the announcement.

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