Jeremy Clarkson Net Worth

Net Worth:$70 Million
Date of Birth: April 11, 1960 (63 years old)
Height:6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Profession:Journalist, Presenter, Author, Writer, Broadcaster, Talk show host, Peddler, Motorist, Columnist, Screenwriter
Nationality:United Kingdom

What is Jeremy Clarkson’s net worth? How does Jeremy Clarkson make his money? Below is the current net worth of Jeremy Clarkson and how Jeremy Clarkson makes his money.

What is Jeremy Clarkson’s Net Worth?

Jeremy Clarkson is an English television presenter, journalist, and writer who has a net worth of $70 million. He is known primarily for being the host of the highly regarded sports car show “Top Gear,” which frequently ranks among the most watched television programs in the world.

Early Life

Jeremy Clarkson was born on April 11, 1960, in Doncaster, England to Shirley and Edward. He attended Repton School. While attending Repton School, Clarkson claimed he experienced severe bullying and was in a great level of discomfort.


Although he is best known for being the host of the highly regarded sports car program “Top Gear,” he actually started out as a salesman for his parents’ Paddington Bears company. he was later hired as a journalist by several publications such as the Rotherham Advertiser, Rochdale Observer, Wolverhampton Express and Star, and Shropshire Star.

His first chance to write about cars came while he was employed at the Shropshire Star.

Initially, Jeremy Clarkson was writing about Peugeots and Fiats before he diversified and began writing about Ford Granadas and Range Rovers. He received his Aston Martin Lagonda driving permit after seven long years. Jeremy Clarkson was opportune to drive his first Lamborghini after waiting for decades.

The Motoring Press Agency (MPA) was established in 1984 by Clarkson. He did road testing for newspapers and auto publications alongside his colleague Jonathan Gill, a motoring journalist. Since the publication’s launch in 1993, he has contributed often to Top Gear.

Added to anchoring “Top Gear,” Clarkson also contributes opinion pieces to the Toronto Star, The Sun, and The Sunday Times. Among other topics, Jeremy Clarkson has published books on vehicles.

His first prominent television role was as the host and presenter of “Top Gear.” “Top Gear” on BBC Two is largely attributed to Clarkson.

Jeremy Clarkson also served as the host of “Robot Wars” debut in the UK. Between November 1998 and December 2000, Jeremy Clarkson sat as the host of a chat show called “Clarkson.”

Personal Relationship

Jeremy Clarkson and Alex Hall got married in 1989. After six months, she moved on to one of his friends.

Jeremy Clarkson wed his manager, Frances Cain, in May 1993. They had three kids together. In April 2014, Cain issued him divorce papers.

Real Estate

Jeremy Clarkson spent $5.5 million purchasing a five-bedroom home on 312 acres in the Cotswolds in 2012. He intended to construct a six-bedroom, three-story mansion after the debris was cleared.

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