Harper Lee Net Worth

Net Worth:$35 Million
Date of Birth: April 28, 1926 - February 19, 2016 (89 years old)
Profession:Writer, Novelist, Author
Nationality:United States of America

What was Harper Lee’s Net Worth?

Harper Lee was an American author who had a net worth of $35 million at the time of her passing in February 2016. She was best known for “To Kill a Mockingbird,” the 1960 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel that was adapted into a Gregory Peck-starring movie.

Racism was a problem in Lee’s Alabama hometown when she was a young girl, and it was addressed in To Kill a Mockingbird. For the bulk of her life, Lee’s only book was published, but it was the book that earned her the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her literary accomplishments.


Nell Harper Lee was born April 28, 1926 Monroeville. Harper Lee became interested in literature while still a high school student. She temporarily attended Huntingdon College, an all-female institution, before transferring to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. She didn’t complete her education at the institution.


In order to pursue her writing career, Harper relocated to New York City in 1949. For many years, she struggled as a ticket agent for Eastern Airlines and the British Overseas Air Corp. (BOAC).

While in the city, Lee ran into his old acquaintance Truman Capote, who was one of the new literary greats of the day. She later moved in with the pair after becoming friends with Michael Martin Brown, a Broadway lyricist, and composer.

Lee received a wonderful Christmas gift from the Browns in 1956. In order for her to quit her work and pursue writing full-time, they promised to provide her with financial support for a year. Ultimately, Harper used her free time to pen a book on her Alabama-based upbringing.

The Browns also assisted Harper in locating an agent who piqued the interest of a publishing house in her book, which was originally published under the names “Go Set a Watchman,” “Atticus,” and finally “To Kill a Mockingbird.” While doing research for his novel “In Cold Blood,” Lee also assisted her close friend Truman Capote.

We all know that “To Kill a Mockingbird” went on to become one of the most influential and enduringly well-read books in American history.

In 40 different languages, TKAM has been reissued and has sold over 40 million copies as of this writing. The book continues to be in demand even 50 years later, with annual sales of about 1 million copies.

According to court documents submitted as part of a lawsuit against Harper Lee’s former book agent, it was discovered that Harper Lee receives royalties from her book worth about $3.2 million a year. A little over $9,2000 every day. She derived all of this from writings from more than 50 years ago!

To Kill a Mockingbird’s sequel, “Go Set A Watchman,” was published by Harper in February 2015, shocking readers everywhere. This unexpected second book, unsurprisingly, also became a huge success. On February 19, 2016, Harper Lee, who was 89 years old, passed away.

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