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Net Worth:$120 Million
Profession:Author, Producer

What is George R. R. Martin’s Net Worth

George is an American Author who has a net worth of $120 million.  Apart from being an author, he is also a  Television producer, screenwriter, and short story writer. For those who are fans of the HBO Tv Series, it might please you to know that “Game of Thrones” is an adaptation of George R.R. Matin’s fantasy novel; “A song of Ice and Fire”. George is otherwise known as GRRM.

He was named “The American Tolkien” in 2005 by Lev Grossman from Times. He was also named in the Times list of 100 most influential people in the world. The Tv adaptation of his work received 164 PrimeTime Emmy nominations and 59 wins.

Early Life

George R.R. Martin (George Raymond Richard Martin) was born on 20th September 1948 in New Jersey. His family was rich up until the great depression, they lost most of their wealth. George is of Irish descent, he has two younger sisters; Janet and Darleen.

In his childhood, Martin was an avid reader. Martin began writing monster stories of his own and sold them to children in the neighborhood. He stopped when one of the children’s mothers complained that the child was having nightmares.

He started to write about mythical kingdoms because his pet turtles kept dying so he assumed that they were killing themselves. Martins had a habit of leaving his stories unfinished because they didn’t turn out as he imagined on paper.

George attended Mary Jane Donohoe School and Marist High School where he became a strong fan of Comic-books especially ones published by Marvel. He has named Stan Lee as his greatest influence. He wrote letters to the editor of Fantastic Four, he became a well-known top fan of Fantastic Four. Martin won a top comic fandom’s Alley Award for the best fan fiction for his story “Powerman vs The Blue Barrier.

Martins attended Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and earned his B.S. in 1970. He objected to being drafted during the Vietnam war and opted to do community service for two years.


Early Career

Martin became a professional short stories seller at the age of 21 in 1970. He sold Hero to Galaxy Magazine and it was published by the magazine in 1971. He was nominated for the Hugo Award for the first time for his work “With Morning Comes Mistfall”

His first novel “Dying of the Light” was published in 1997. In 1977 Star Wars became a huge success and this turn made a positive impact on the science fiction and publishing industry. He sold more novels than he would in two years during this time.

George could not become a full-time writer because the profit from his book sales could not afford him the luxury of becoming one. Martins was hired as a tournament director for the Continental Chess Association in 1972 due to his chess skills. This job enabled him to have enough time to write during the week as chess tournaments ran on Saturdays and Sundays. By 1976, he had become an established writer and no longer needed to work.

Teaching Career

Martins met George Guthridge in the 1970s at a science fiction convention in Milwaukee. He encouraged Guthridge to give speculative fiction a second look, and write in the field himself. Guthridge took this advice and has been nominated for Hugo Awards and the Nebula Awards for fantasy and science fiction.

Guthridge helped George Martin to secure a job at Clarke University. According to Guthridge, “Martins was not making enough to stay alive from chess Tournaments and writing”. Martins worked as an English and Journalism teacher at Clarke College and became a writer in residence at the college from 1978 – 1979.


Goerge R.R. Martin enjoyed the teaching profession but was forced to reevaluate his life when his friend and fellow writer Tom Reamy died in 1977, he decided to become a full-time writer. Following his wife’s graduation from Clark, he resigned from his job and moved to Santa Fe in New Mexico.

He wrote the science fiction Horror Sandkings(1979), and NightFlyers(1980), Nighflyers’s rights were purchased in 1984 and produced as a film in 1987; George was also a co-screenwriter for the adaptation. George believes that the adaptation of NightFyers played a huge part in the works he has put out since then.

Martins published a vampire novel Fevre Dream in 1982, this novel was named one of the best vampire novels. He wrote  The Armageddon Rag in 1983, he stated that this novel almost destroyed his writing career at the time.

Several editors rejected his next novel due to the failure of The Armaggedon Rag. Martin later got a deal from Hollywood to adapt The Armaggedon rag into a film, this however did not happen. George was later called up to take a job as a writer for Twilight Zone. George realized that television paid more than writing so he decided to seek a career in Hollywood.

Martin was hired as a writer-producer on the series Beauty and the Beast in 1989, he became the show’s co-supervising producer and wrote 14 of its episodes.

A Song of Ice and Fire

Martins in 1991 grew frustrated at Tv and screenplays because he had to compromise his imagination due to film budgets and episode lengths. He went back to writing books because he did not have to bother about having to compromise his imagination when writing.

A Song of Ice and Fire was supposed to comprise three volumes but it is currently set to comprise seven volumes. The first volume A game of Thrones was published in 1996, A Clash of Kings the second volume was published in 1998, A Storm of Swords the third volume was published in 2000, the fourth A Feast for Crows was published in 2005 and in that same year, it became aThe New York Times number 1 best seller.

The fifth book A Dance with Dragons was published in 2011, it also became an international bestseller. The book was also No 1 on the New York Times Bestseller list, it remained on the best seller list for 88 weeks.

He is set to release two more books under the series; The Winds of Winter and  A Dream of Spring. Martin released Fire and Blood on 20th November 2018 which is a history of House Targaryan. In event of Martin’s death before the completion of the series, collaborators have said that they will not conclude the series for George.

A Song of Ice and Fire: HBO Tv Adaptation

In 2007, television rights for A Song of Ice and Fire were purchased by HBO. When the production process started for the Tv adaptation, George was actively involved despite being busy completing A Dance with Dragons. He participated in scriptwriting and was listed in the opening credits as a co-producer of the series.

The first shot was poorly received by HBO and was unreleased for while, it was later released after some adjustments were made. The first episode garnered 2.2 Million views, the first season won two Emmy Awards.

The second season was released in 2012, it garnered 4.2 million views altogether. The second season 6 Emmy Awards out of twelve. The third season premiered in 2013, which was the first time the Valyrian language was used in the series. The language was developed by David J. Peterson using a few words that Martins formed in the book. The third season was seen by about 14.2 Million viewers, it also won 2 Emmy Awards.

The fourth season premiered in 2014 and concluded on 15th June 2014. The season garnered about 18.4 million viewers on all platforms. The fifth series was released and it won  12 out of 24 Emmy Award Nominations. The series also set a Guinness World Record as the series that won the highest number of awards.

Season 6 was released and the Episode; “Battle of Bastards” was received positively and named the best episode of all time. The season was nominated for 23 Emmy Awards, it won 12 of them.


The seventh season was released in August 2017, the series received 9 Primetime Emmy Awards out of the 22 they were nominated for.

 Season 8 was released in 2019, it was the longest of all seasons with one episode The Long Night running for 88 minutes. The season received 32 nominations at the PrimeTime Emmy Awards this was the most for a single season of television in history and it won twelve of them.

In 2022, House of Dragon a prequel series was released, the prequel is based on Fire and Blood. A second season of House of Dragon is already in the works.


George announced in 2017 that he would serve as the executive director of the HBO adaptation of “Who fears death” by Nnedi Okarafor. He also served as part of the building team for the video game “Elden Ring”

Martins signed a deal with HBO to serve as an executive producer of the Wild Cards book series. He will also serve as a producer for Dark Winds. He was one of the producers for the short film Night of the Cooters adapted from Howard Waldrop’s novel of the same title.

Personal Life

George met his first wife Gale Burnick while he was schooling on the East Coast, they got married in 1975. Goerge and Gale divorced in 1979. He later got married to Parris McBride in 2011, to whom he is still married to date.

Martin owns Not a Blog, he moved the blog to his own website in 2018. George R.R. Martin’s fan group is called “Brother Without Banners”. Martins does not support fan fiction, he views it as a copyright infringement of some sort.

Martin is a fan of the New York Mets, New York Jets, and the New York Giants. In the early 1970s, Martin was in a relationship with fellow science fiction/fantasy author Lisa Tuttle, with whom he co-wrote WindHaven.


Martin launched a campaign on Prizeo to raise funds for Wild Spirit Food Sanctuary and the Food Depot of Santa Fe in 2014.

As part of the campaign for Prizeo Martin offered one donor the chance to accompany him on a trip to the wolf sanctuary. He also included a helicopter ride and dinner.

Martin also offered those donating $20,000 or more an opportunity to have a character named after them and “killed off” in the upcoming A Song of Ice and Fire novel. The campaign caught media attention and raised $502,549. Martin announced his intention to fund The Miskatonic Scholarship in 2017. 

Salary and Net Worth

Martin earns around $25 million every year from book sales and royalties. He was paid $15 million per season by HBO which summed up to about $200 million. He will earn more in years to come from spin-offs.

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