David Letterman Net Worth

Net Worth:$400 Million
Date of Birth: April 12, 1947 (77 years old)
Height:6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Profession:Announcer, Actor, Comedian, Presenter, Television producer, Screenwriter, Talk show host, Film Producer, Voice Actor
Nationality:United States of America

What is David Letterman’s Net Worth?

David Letterman is an American comedian and past late-night talk show host who has a net worth of $400 million. Letterman formally uses to make over $50 million yearly from license and syndication fees, but recently that sum has decreased a little.


David Micheal Letterman was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 12, 1947. His sisters range in age from younger to older. Harry Letterman, a florist, and his wife Dorothy Letterman were his parents.

When he was 57 years old, a heart attack took his father’s life. In addition to working as a stock boy at a nearby supermarket, Letterman attended Broad Ripple High School. In 1969, he attended Ball State University and eventually obtained a degree in Television and Radio.

Career Beginnings

The Ball State student-run radio station, WBST, employed Letterman as a newscaster and announcer. The jokes and insults he had made about classical music had gotten him off the hook. After graduating, he began working for an Indianapolis TV station as a weatherman.

He was well known for his erratic behavior on air and his humorous banter, which occasionally included predicting the weather for made-up cities. In order to pursue a career as a comedy writer there, he was persuaded to move to Los Angeles by his family and friends in 1975.

At The Comedy Store, he first started performing stand-up. Because of the many connections, he made through stand-up, by 1978 he was contributing to a wide range of small acts, TV series, and game shows with his writing and brief guest appearances. After passing the screen test for it, Robert Hays was given the lead part in the 1980 movie Airplane!

His unique blend of sarcasm and dry humor finally caught the eye of talent scouts for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, and he quickly established himself as Carson’s favorite comedian and a frequent guest on the show. The influence that Carson had on Letterman’s career has often been credited to him.


On June 23, 1980, NBC gave Dave his own morning comedy program. Despite receiving positive reviews, the show’s ratings were disappointing, and it was canceled after only four months. But NBC attempted to shift him to a new time period.

In February 1982, David Letterman’s Late Night program made its debut. The show’s first host was Bill Murray. The program aired from Monday through Thursday at 12:30 A.M. EST, immediately following The Tonight Show.

College students and young adults established a cult following for Dave’s blunt, abrasive, sardonic, self-deprecating humor and weird bits. Dave immediately gained a reputation as a shrewd and direct interviewer, and many of his admirers found his candor to be refreshing.

A grandiose and star-studded farewell episode of Letterman aired on May 20, 2015, after Letterman announced his retirement in April 2014. The number of viewers was 13.76 million. In place of Letterman, Stephen Colbert was appointed.

In all, Letterman hosted 6,080 episodes of Late Night and Late Show. As the host of the late-night talk show with the longest tenure in American television history, he outlasted his friend and mentor Carson.

A variety of causes and organizations close to Letterman’s heart have received his time and resources after his retirement, thus he has largely maintained a low profile.

His private foundation, the Letterman Foundation for Courtesy and Grooming, has given millions of dollars to charities like the American Cancer Society, and Doctors He still has ownership of the company he established in 1991, Worldwide Pants Incorporated. The organization developed his program and a number of others after that.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman is a Netflix long-form interview series that Letterman began hosting in 2018. The first person he hosted was Barack Obama. On May 31st, 2019, the second season debuted.


After a regular checkup revealed a significant blockage in one of his arteries, Dave was taken to the emergency room in January 2000 and underwent a quintuple bypass operation. He used substitute hosts for the show while he was getting better.

In 1968, Dave wed Michelle Cook, his college sweetheart. After moving to Los Angeles, they got divorced in October 1977. Merrill Markoe, the producer of Late Night, and he was partners for a considerable period of time from 1978 and 1988.

On the growth of his comedic approach, she is credited as having had a significant impact. The couple’s baby was born in 2003 after Letterman and Lasko began dating in February 1986. Family members live in North Salem, New York, where the pair was married in 2009.

Real Estate

With the help of his stash, Dave has developed into a sort of real estate tycoon. He paid $5 million for a 108-acre estate in Westchester County, New York, in 1994. In 2007, he paid an additional $5 million for the remaining 88 acres.

Additionally, he owns a house on Martha’s Vineyard, a ranch with 2,700 acres outside Chateau, Montana, and a residence in St. Barth’s. He shares ownership of the Rahal Letterman Racing Indy Racing League squad.

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