Yang Huiyan Net Worth

Net Worth:$11 Billion
Date of Birth: July 20, 1981 (42 years old)

What is Yang Huiyan’s Net Worth?

Yang Huiyan is a Chinese billionaire, entrepreneur, and Country Garden Holdings China’s major shareholder. Yang Huiyan has a net worth of $11 billion.

Yang Huiyan was born on 20 July 1981 in Shunde, in China’s Guangdong province.

Yang Huiyan is an alumnus of the Ohio State University. She was given 70% of Country Garden’s shares by her father, Yeung Kwok Keung, who founded the company and sat as the chairman before the company went public in 2007.

She received the title of the wealthiest person in China that same year, with a net worth of $16.2 billion. Despite the fact that her wealth plummeted in 2008–2009, the business had a successful year in 2012.

Country Garden was involved in 110 projects as of June 2012, most of which were in its native province of Guangdong.

17 additional hotels were added to the company’s existing 29 properties, the majority of which run under the Phoenix brand. Yang Huiyan is one of the richest people in Mainland China.

Yang Huiyan has a 57 percent ownership stake in the construction company Country Garden Holdings. Yang’s father helped co-found the business in 1992, and she has a stake in three holding companies based in the British Virgin Islands.

Foshan, China-based Country Garden Holdings recorded $18 billion in revenue as of 2015.

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