Microsoft Net Worth

Net Worth:$1 Trillion
Company:Microsoft Corporation

What is Microsoft’s net worth? How does Microsoft make its money? Below is the current net worth of Microsoft and how Microsoft makes its money.

What is Microsoft’s Net Worth?

Microsoft is an American technology firm with a $1 trillion market valuation as of this publication. A chat between Bill Gates and Paul Allen, two young men who had known each other since elementary school, led to the creation of Microsoft.

The two men simply conned MITS, the company that created the Altair 8800 computer, into giving them a question and answer session. They then persuaded MITS to develop and market their translator, and in 1975, MITS introduced the Altair BASIC.

The couple was able to create their own business, which they called Microsoft, thanks to their early enthusiasm. Their internal office was moved to the state of Washington in 1977, and they opened their first overseas office in Japan.

They were awarded a contract in 1980 to create an operating system for IBM, and MS-DOS was the result. When the firm came out publicly in 1986, 12,000 of its workers became millionaires, and four more became billionaires. Between the mid-1980s and the mid-1990s, the corporation established itself as a technological juggernaut.

Around this time, they also encountered a series of anti-trust cases as a result of marketing techniques that seemed to dominate the computer market. A variety of products saw an expansion during the middle of the 1990s, including networking and Web-based tools like the well-known Internet Explorer browser.

Steve Ballmer, a longtime employee, succeeded Bill Gates as CEO after he retired from the role in 2000. The Xbox was introduced in the early 2000s, which also brought forth additional legal disputes.

Ever since then, the business has started to turn its attention to the smartphone sector, and it subsequently collaborated with Nokia in an attempt to challenge both Google and Apple’s popularity with smartphones. 92,000 individuals work at Microsoft at the moment.

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