Larry Fink Net Worth

Net Worth:$1 Billion
Date of Birth: November 2, 1952 (71 years old)
Nationality:United States of America

What is Larry Fink’s Net Worth?

Larry Fink is an American financial executive who has a net worth of $1 billion. Larry Fink is the CEO of BlackRock, an American investment firm with over $10 trillion in assets under management. It is currently the largest money management firm.

Larry co-founded BlackRock in 1988 as part of The Blackstone Group, which was disbanded in 1994. The company went public in 1999. He has additionally held positions as chairman of the board, corporate council, executive, and leadership committees as well as co-chairman of the worldwide client committees.


Lawrence Douglas Fink was born on November 2, 1952, in Van Nuys, California to Lila and Frederick Fink. His father ran a shoe shop, while his mother was a professor of English. Along with his two siblings, he grew up in a Jewish home.

He attended the University of California, Los Angeles after graduating from high school and completed his political science undergraduate degree there. Additionally, he belonged to the Kappa Beta Phi fraternity. At the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management, he later earned an MBA in Real Estate.

Career Beginnings

Fink began working at First Boston, a New York-based investment bank, in 1976, following the completion of his graduate degree. As the company’s manager of the bond division, he was one of the company’s earliest traders of mortgage-backed securities.

A number of the company’s financial groups were led by him, and he also rose to the position of managing director. By almost $1 billion, Fink contributed to First Boston’s improved bottom line.

Up until 1986, when he lost the company $100 million as a result of his inaccurate interest rate forecasts, he was regarded as being extremely successful there. He gained insight into the value of thorough risk management from that experience and began to make more cautious bets going forward.


Fink co-founded BlackRock in 1988 under the auspices of Stephen Schwarzman’s Blackstone Group. He was hired as its CEO and director. In 1994, BlackRock and The Blackstone Group separated, but Fink remained as CEO and director of the company. In 1999, he oversaw the company’s IPO.

Fink was involved in several finance industry headline-grabbing events throughout the 2000s. Fink participated in the 2003 resignation negotiations of Richard Grasso, the CEO of the New York Stock Exchange. For his $190 million salary, Grasso had drawn a lot of flak.

He oversaw the integration of Merrill Lynch Investment Managers into BlackRock in 2006. BlackRock’s asset management portfolio increased by double as a result of the transaction.

The largest residential real estate deal in American history involved BlackRock’s 2006 acquisition of the Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village housing complex in Manhattan for $5.4 billion.

The endeavor, however, ultimately failed, causing millions of dollars in client losses for BlackRock. But over the years, BlackRock would grow to be a sizable investor in construction initiatives related to real estate around the nation.

In response to the financial catastrophe of 2008, the American government entered into a deal with BlackRock. By virtue of his employment, Fink was able to establish connections with officials in the Obama administration.

Given that BlackRock later employed numerous former executive branch appointees to the company, some concerns have been raised regarding whether conflicts of interest may have developed as a result of this close link.

In 2016, Fink received the ABANA Achievement Award in New York City. The award is granted to a person who best exemplifies leadership in banking and finance, with a focus on developing economic links between the United States and the Middle East and North Africa.

Fink was ranked number 28 on the 2018 “Forbes” list of the World’s Most Powerful People. He was given the Charles Schwab Financial Innovation Award in 2019. Fink has made an attempt to manage how the public perceives BlackRock.

He wrote in a letter to shareholders in 2018 that large companies like BlackRock ought to be aware of their social impact. Numerous anti-war organizations, however, were not happy with the news because BlackRock, through its U.S. Aerospace and Defense ETF, is the largest investor in weapon manufacturers.

Fink dealt with an embarrassing on-stage encounter with the American nonprofit Code Pink at the Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit in 2018.

He added that one of the main objectives for BlackRock’s upcoming investment choices will be environmental sustainability. He outlined this objective in a 2020 open letter that was released, and he also covered how BlackRock would be breaking links with previous assets that carried significant environmental risk.

Despite making this effort, Fink was nonetheless listed by “The Guardian” in 2022 as one of the top “climate criminals” in the nation since BlackRock was well-known for making money from deforestation. BlackRock has also been under fire for its strong ties to the Federal Reserve System, its anti-competitive activities, and its substantial investments in China.


Since their wedding day in 1974, Larry and Lori have remained together. They have residences in Manhattan, North Salem, New York, as well as Colorado. The couple has three kids together.

Throughout his entire life, Fink has been a Democrat. As co-chair of the NYU Langone Medical Center, trustee of the Boys and Girls Club of New York, and a former trustee of New York University, Fink also served on the board of trustees for these institutions.

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