Larry Ellison Net Worth

Net Worth:$93 Billion
Date of Birth: September 17, 1944 (79 years old)
Height:6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Profession:Entrepreneur, Businessperson, Investor
Nationality:United State Of America

What is Larry Ellison’s net worth? How does Larry Ellison make his money? Below is the current net worth of Larry Ellison and how Larry Ellison makes his money.

What is Larry Ellison’s Net Worth?

Larry Ellison is an American business magnate who has a net worth of $93 billion. By founding the colossal software firm Oracle, Larry Ellison amassed tremendous wealth. Up through September 2014, he was also Director.

Following business moguls like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Bernard Arnault, Ellison ranks among the world’s wealthiest individuals according to his net worth.


In New York City, to a Jewish unmarried mother, Larry Ellison was born. A United States Army Air Corps pilot of Italian descent, his birth father. Ellison’s mum gave him to be adopted by her uncle and aunt after he had pneumonia at the age of nine months.

At age 48, he finally had another encounter with his biological mother. Ellison graduated from Chicago’s South Shore High School and then received admission to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he registered as a premedical student.

He won the award for scientific student of the year at the institution. After his second year, he left without finishing his final examinations due to the recent passing of his adopted mother.

He first encountered computer design while studying physics and mathematics at the University of Chicago in 1966, where he also spent the summer of that year. He relocated to Berkeley, California, when he was 22 years old.


In June 2012, Larry invested $300 million to buy 98% of the Hawaiian island of Lanai from the Castle & Cooke firm. Hawaii’s state government owns the remaining 2%. Along with the acquisition, Larry also got the Four Seasons hotel in Lanai.

He allegedly invested $500 million of his personal money in infrastructure investment, including new roads, a water treatment facility, and a cutting-edge screening room. Ellison, a devoted tennis player, is the owner of the Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Coachella, California, along with the Indian Wells Masters Competition.

He sails frequently. 2010 and 2013’s America’s Cups were awarded by his Oracle Team USA team. Larry was the longtime owner of Rising Sun, the twelfth-largest yacht in the globe. Built by Larry, Rising Sun cost $200 million. In 2010, he leased the yacht to businessman and music tycoon David Geffen.

In June 2022, it was revealed that Larry had obtained the 16-acre Gemini estate near Palm Beach, Florida. For $175,000,000, Larry bought Gemini. Jim Clark, a fellow billionaire technology entrepreneur, bought the home 15 months previously for $94 million.

At the time of the sale, Larry’s $175 million purchase price slid to third place in our list of the most opulent homes ever purchased in the US. Look at Gemini right here.

Real Estate

In addition to houses in Hawaii, Japan, Malibu, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, and Rhode Island, Larry’s property investment portfolio also includes properties in other parts of the world. A 45-acre mansion in Woodside, California, which is probably valued at least $200 million, serves as his principal home.

The house was inspired by a Japanese manor from the 16th century. It has a main home, a townhouse with two bedrooms, three cottages, a barn that has been turned into a gym, and a man-made lake that is three acres in size and has two waterfalls. It is situated on 45 acres.

Ellison contested the assessment of his property’s worth when the local township gave him the tax liability and assigned a $173 million value to it; he won, and he now pays 60% less in taxes on his “$70 million” estate.

In Malibu, California, between 2004 and 2005, Larry spent $180 million to purchase 12 homes. He spent $65 million purchasing five adjacent homes on the incredibly desirable Carbon Beach in Malibu.

He bought the Astor family house in Newport, Rhode Island, for $10.5 million in 2010. For $43 million, Larry paid for the 249-acre Porcupine Creek Estate golf course in Rancho Mirage, California, in 2011.

Larry purchased a home in Palm Beach, Florida, for $80 million in April 2021. A 15,500 square-foot mansion, multiple pools, a tennis court, and a sports complex are all part of the estate’s 7.35 acres of beachfront land.

Personal Life

Larry has a total of five kids from 4 distinct marriages. His most recent wife Melanie Craft, a romance author, was his wife from 2003 to 2010. Larry’s close friend Steve Jobs served as the ceremony’s official professional photographer.

From 1983 to 1986, he was wed to Barbara Boothe, his third wife. Together, they are parents to two kids. His two children, David, and Megan Ellison are executives in the motion picture business.

As of this writing, Larry has given at least $400 million of his own money to charitable organizations. Additionally, The Giving Pledge has sponsored him.

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