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Net Worth:$20 Million

What is Keyshia Ka’oir’s net worth?

Keyshia Ka’oir is a Jamaican-born model, performer, and businessperson who has a net worth of $20 million. She is the CEO of three businesses in addition to being a successful entrepreneur, although she is probably best recognized for being the wife of well-known rapper Gucci Mane.

She started off as a model, taking home the 2010 XXL Model of the Year title. Ka’oir then quickly benefited from her early success by starting her first firm, Ka’oir Cosmetics, a lucrative makeup line.

Since then, she has expanded into a number of new businesses, including those selling workout gear. Trina is one of many well-known celebrities who have been sighted using or promoting her cosmetics.

She is also highly recognized in the entertainment industry due to her frequent participation in the hit reality TV series “The Mane Event” with her husband Gucci Mane.

Keyshia’s financial planner appears to claim that she has “profited $30 million” from her two companies, Ka’oir Fitness and Ka’oir Cosmetics, in one of the first episodes of “The Mane Event.”

The financial planner did not offer any proof to support these claims. Given the data we have learned about Keshia’s money and the future of her businesses, it is not completely impossible but also exceedingly doubtful.


Keyshia Ka’oir was born on January 10th of 1985 in Kingston, Jamaica. Despite the fact that her family immigrated to the United States when she was 17 years old, Keyshia frequently mentions how proud she is of her Jamaican background. Initially, she was raised with three brothers, but one of them died while he was still a tiny child.

Career Beginnings

Ka’oir began her career in Miami as a stylist. She had a lot of well-known celebrities as clients, which finally brought up a lot of exciting prospects. She made the switch to modeling after participating in Drake’s smash song “Say Something” music video.

She then made cameos in several more music videos, but her big break came in 2010. She rose to fame this year after winning the XXL Magazine Model of the Year award. She soon began selling her own line of cosmetics.


Keyshia has a history of profitable business operations and is a seasoned entrepreneur. She began her career by founding Ka’oir Cosmetics and later went on to develop the exercise belt known as the Ka’oir Waist Eraser. The “glitzsticks,” or colorful lipsticks, are some of Keyshia’s most well-known creations.

Keyshia had amassed almost $30 million in profit from her many businesses, according to Ka’oir’s financial advisor, who made this public claim in one of “The Mane Event” episodes. Despite the fact that this is undoubtedly a large number, questions have been raised concerning the veracity of these tales.

Her financial planner may have been telling the truth, but there is no meaningful way to verify her claims in light of the proven financial success of her firms.

Real Estate

Keyshia mentioned spending $1 million in one day on “The Mane Event” in one of the episodes. An additional $700,000 was used to buy a brand-new Lamborghini, and the remaining $100,000 was used to buy new purses.

Upon the birth of their child in 2020, it was revealed that Keyshia gave Gucci Mane jewels valued at $2.5 million. Ka’oir overspent on three items of jewelry in total, including a charm bearing the inscription “Ice Daddy” and a necklace set with diamonds.

In keeping with her extravagant gift-giving, Keyshia also gave her spouse a bracelet. Pristine Jewelers, a company based in New York City, created all three pieces of jewelry.


Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir began dating in 2011, and they have remained one of the longest-lasting partnerships in hip-hop ever since. Gucci famously proposed to the couple during an Atlanta Hawks game, and they later got married.

There have been ups and downs for the couple, but Keyshia has received accolades for standing with him throughout his three-year prison sentence. Finally, the couple spent $2 million on their wedding, which took place in 2017. Ka’oir also had three kids from a previous marriage, but Gucci and Keyshia welcomed their first child in 2020.

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