Alice Walton Net Worth

Net Worth:$66 Billion
Date of Birth: October 7, 1949 (74 years old)
Nationality:United States of America

What is Alice Walton’s net worth? How does Alice Walton make her money? Below is the current net worth of Alice Walton and how Alice Walton makes her money.

What is Alice Walton’s Net Worth?

Alice Walton is a businessperson who has a net worth of $66 billion. Alice Walton has procured great wealth through her various endeavors. Alice Walton is one of the richest women in the world. In numeration, she is the twentieth richest person in the globe.

Early Life

On 7 October 1949, Alice Louis Walton was born in Newport, Arkansas. She had three siblings and they grew up together. She is the daughter of Sam Walton. her father (Sam Walton) together with his brother Ben Walton founded Walmart which is now one of the money-making companies in the world.

Alice was born into an affluent family and as such was opportune to have a healthy childhood and access to good education. For her education, Alice attended Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. She studied economics and later graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.


The Waltons family is one of the richest families on the globe. After completing her studies, Alice decided to make her own way to greatness.

At first, she worked as an equity analyst and money manager at the First Commerce Corporation. She later became the director of Arvest Bank Group, a company that is owned by her family and she took charge of the investment processes.

She is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Llama Group. Llama Group was the force behind the construction of the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport.

Llama Group shut down in the late 90s, and in 2015, she finally sold off the company and went back to Arkansas to properly supervise her art exhibitions.

Waltons Family

The Waltons family is the richest family in the United States. The Waltons are a nonroyal family and their joint wealth has accumulated exceedingly thus, making the net worth of the Waltons family above $200 billion.

The Waltons company is called Waltons Enterprise it has a majority of shares in other companies and has procured massive wealth through this.

As of this writing, in the Waltons family, Alice and her brothers Jim and Rob are the most salient members of the Waltons family.

Arvest Bank is the most gigantic bank in Arkansas and it is owned by the Waltons family. Arvest Bank has an estimated worth of $1.6 billion.

Arts Collection

Alice Walton has a keen interest in arts and she is an ardent patron of arts. As a child, Alice joined her mother in watercolor paintings this made her develop a strong passion for arts.

Due to her strong ardor for works of art, she founded the Crystal Bridges Museum for American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. She has bought lots of exhibits and has placed them in her museum.

She made records in 2014 after she bought Georgia O’Keeffe’s “Flower No. 1” for $44.4 million. Alice Walton 2019 placed a staggering bid worth $88.8 million for art designed by Robert Rauschenberg called “Buffalo II”.

Alice Walton Driving Under Influence Apprehensions

Alice Walton has had a series of altercations with the law as a result of breaching the law by driving under influence.

In 1989, Alice Walton had an accident and killed a 50-year-old man named Oleta Hardin. Alice had a collision with a gas meter while drinking and driving in 1998.

On her 62nd birthday, in October 2011 she was apprehended and detained in jail for a night. During the time she committed this offense she was the second richest woman globally.

Real Estate

Alice Walton bought a 6,286-square-foot duplex in Manhattan for the sum of $25 million in 2014. Alice Walton in 2015, had two of her ranches in Texas on the market. The total price for these two marketable merchandises was $54.8 million.

These two ranches were to be sold at the sum of $28.7 million and $19.8 million respectively.

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