Marta Vieira da Net Worth

Net Worth:$13 Million
Date of Birth: February 19, 1986 (38 years old)
Profession:Soccer Player

What is Marta Vieira’s net worth? How does Marta Vieira make her money? Below is the current net worth of Marta Vieira and how Marta Vieira makes her money.

What is Marta Vieira’s Net Worth?

Marta Vieira da Silva is a Brazilian soccer player who has a net worth of $13 million. She is a professional football player from Brazil. Marta is frequently hailed as the greatest female footballer of all time.


Marta Vieira da Silva was born in Alagoas, Brazil on 19 Feburary 1986. She joined Vasco da Gama at the age of 14, and soon after she began playing football professionally. As a young player for a minor club, Marta was noticed by one of the top coaches in the league.

Despite her young age, Marta ended up playing 16 games for Vasco da Gama before relocating to Santa Cruz. When she was younger, Marta Vieira da Silva was compared to the first female soccer icon, Lily Parr.

Between the ages of 14 and 18, she made 54 appearances, many of them as a substitute, and scored 20 goals. This is an impressive total for a young player, but it was only a preview of what he would accomplish when he was transferred to Ume IK in Sweden.

Early Career

For comparison, Alan Shearer, who is remembered in men’s English soccer history as one of the top Premier League, Newcastle, and England goal scorers and a prolific target man, managed an average ratio of one goal per two games.

Marta Vieira da Silva, a two-season undefeated player, assisted her Swedish club team in winning numerous championships. She relocated to North America before going on loan to Santos, where she scored 26 goals in 14 games.

Years later, she signed with Santos and scored 13 goals in 12 games, repeating that stellar ratio. Over the course of her club career, Marta has won numerous league winners medals, over thirteen domestic championships (seven Swedish league titles, four Brazilian league titles, and two American league titles), as well as a UEFA Women’s Cup.

Additionally, Marta Vieira da Silva finished second or third on six additional occasions in addition to winning the FIFA World Player of the Year award for five consecutive years (starting in 2006).


With the Brazilian national teams, Marta has appeared in 171 games and scored 115 goals. During the 2007 FIFA World Cup, she put on some of her best performances.

Even though Brazil ultimately lost to Germany in the championship match, she ended up taking home the Golden Boot award for the tournament with seven goals and the Golden Ball for best player.

Despite the Brazilian national team being ousted early from the 2011 World Cup, she was in top form, scoring four goals and dishing out two assists. Marta has participated in five FIFA Women’s World Cup tournaments and five Olympic Games.

She finished in the runners-up position in three of them but was unable to win any of the competitions.


She has received six FIFA World Player of the Year awards, the most recent of which was given in 2018. Five of those awards were consecutive. Mar 2021 Sportytell: Marta Vieira da Silva makes about $400,000 a year in compensation.

Personal Life

Marta was granted Swedish citizenship in March 2017. She kept her Brazilian citizenship, but as Brazil had already placed a cap on her, it did not qualify her to represent Sweden.

In February 2021, she received a green card from the United States, establishing her as a permanent resident and making her eligible for the NWSL squad as a domestic player.

After several years of dating, Marta made the announcement that she was engaged to Toni Pressley, a colleague from Orlando Pride, in January 2021.

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