Kobe Bryant Net Worth

Net Worth:$600 Million
Date of Birth: August 23, 1978 - January 26, 2020 (41 years old)
Height:6 ft 5 in (1.98 m)
Profession:Basketball player, Athlete
Nationality:United State Of America

What is Kobe Bryant’s net worth? How does Kobe Bryant make his money? Below is the current net worth of Kobe Bryant and how Kobe Bryant makes his money.

What is Kobe Bryant’s Net Worth?

Kobe Bryant is an American professional basketball player, director, humanitarian, and business mogul who has a net worth of $600 Million at the time of his death. Kobe was one of the highest-paid athletes in sports even in retirement.


Kobe Bryant was born on August 23rd, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Joe Bryant, his father, was a former member of the Philadelphia 76ers. When they noticed Kobe beef on a restaurant menu, his parents decided to name him after it.

When Kobe was six years old, Joe retired from the NBA and moved his family to Italy so that he could continue playing in a European league. Kobe perfected his Italian language skills. Kobe used to travel back to the US in the summers when he was a preteen to play in basketball summer leagues.

Joe attended Lower Merion High School once his playing career came to an end and the family relocated back to Philadelphia. In high school, Kobe was a standout basketball player who contributed to his team’s first state championship in 53 years.

He was instantly chosen for the Gatorade Men’s National Basketball Player of the Year team as well as the USA Today All-USA first team. Kobe’s high SAT score would have qualified him for scholarships at a number of colleges, but he opted to join the workforce. Kobe is the most recent player to be selected by the NBA.

National Basketball Association(NBA)

Although Kobe was first selected by the Hornets, a pre-arranged transaction saw him sent right away to the Lakers. Kobe had to have his parents sign his rookie contract because he was only 17 years old.

A three-year, $3.5 million pact served as his first NBA contract. When Kobe turned 18 he became the NBA’s youngest starter. His true stride didn’t come until his third season with the Lakers.

He began to draw comparisons to players like Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan since he started every game. He was also given a 6-year, $70 million contract extension in his third year. Phil Jackson was appointed Lakers coach in 1999.


During his NBA career, Kobe Bryant played for the Los Angeles Lakers and received a salary of a little over $328 million. A three-year, $90 million extension agreed upon in 2010 stands out among other significant NBA accords.

A two-year, $48.5 million contract with him was reached in 2013. During his final season in the NBA, Kobe earned a salary of $25 million. Over the course of his career, Kobe generated almost $350 million in endorsement income. His lifetime earnings increased to $680 million as a result.

Nike, Sprite, McDonald’s, Turkish Airlines, Lenovo, Hublot, and Panini were some of his most well-known sponsors. Due to his popularity in China, Kobe was able to secure lucrative endorsement contracts with businesses like Alibaba, Sina.com, and Mercedes Benz.

Personal Life

Vanessa Laine, who was 17 at the time, and Kobe were married in November 1999. When they first met, she was performing in a music video as a background dancer. He was working on his first musical record at the same time in the studio.

They began dating six months after their first encounter. She hadn’t received her high school diploma yet. On April 18, 2001, Kobe and Vanessa exchanged vows in Dana Point, California. Bryant’s parents apparently did not support the relationship, as seen by their absence from the wedding.

They had their first child, Natalia Diamante Bryant, on January 19, 2003, and their second child, Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant, on May 1, 2006. In the end, they had four daughters in total. They have two further daughters, Bianka and Capri.

After a marriage that lasted 10.5 years, Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce on December 16th, 2011. The divorce settlement from Vanessa may have cost him $100–150 million because the pair didn’t have a pre-nuptial agreement. After some time, they made amends.

Death Of Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryan, who was 41 years old, passed away in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020, in a totally unexpected turn of events. In addition to them, eight more persons perished in the collision. A victim was also Gianna, Kobe’s 13-year-old daughter.

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