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Net Worth:$20 Million

What is Bella Twin’s Net Worth?

The Bella Twins are American models and professional wrestlers who have a combined net worth of $20 million. The Bella Twins are best recognized for having spent a lot of time working for the WWE as former professional wrestlers.

Both of the twins have previously held the position of Divas Champion, albeit Nikki has the distinction of having held it for the longest while Brie has only done so once.

The consensus is that Nikki was the more successful wrestler, and numerous publications and experts gave her very high rankings. The twins’ induction into the WWE Hall of Fame took place in 2021.

The Bella Twins have made numerous film and television appearances in addition to their wrestling careers. Additionally, the Bella Twins have their own wine label, apparel collections, and YouTube channel. The twins also have their own podcast that they have started.


The Bella Twins were born on November 21st of 1983 in San Diego, California. Nikki is 16 minutes older than her identical twin sister, and the two girls grew up on a farm in Scottsdale.

From a young age, the sisters developed a passion for soccer, and Nikki was initially focused on becoming a professional player until she sustained a leg injury that put an end to her career.

The twins attended college in San Diego after high school before relocating to Los Angeles. The two were waiters at the Mondrian Hotel as they looked for modeling and acting jobs.

The famous soccer trophy was held aloft by the twins in a Budweiser commercial that aired during the World Cup. Bella and Nikki started taking part in the “International Body Doubles” twins’ quest in 2006.


Before they were signed to the WWE in 2007, the twins only had to wait one more year. Nikki and Brie made their professional wrestling debut in Florida Championship Wrestling and were promptly dubbed “The Bella Twins.”

Nikki participated in bikini competitions during this time. In 2008, Brie made her “Smackdown” debut before Nikki was formally introduced. The twins were now well-known for participating in tag team matches. During this time, they also participated in bikini competitions.

The first debutant was Brianna, who performed as “Brie Bella” for the first time on a 2008 “SmackDown” episode. Nikki was identified as her twin a few episodes later. The twins gained fame during these formative years thanks to their on-screen friendship with John Morrison and The Miz.

Every now and then, they would compete with one another. It was made public in 2012 that Executive Administrator Eve Torres had terminated the twins’ employment. In 2013, the couple joined the WWE once more.

Nikki was forced to compete in a number of handicap matches in 2014 after Brie feigned to “leave” the WWE. Nikki was already the Divas Champion at this point, and she continued to hold the title over the years to set a record for the longest-reigning Divas Champion ever.

The Bella Twins’ impact started to wane in 2015 and continued through today. While Brie was unable to capture the Divas Championship and took a lengthy sabbatical from the ring due to Nikki’s neck injury, which necessitated surgery.

They made one of their final significant appearances on the “Raw 25 Years special episode,” where both twins advanced to the final four. The following year, at WWE Evolution, Nikki lost the title match to Rhonda Rousey. Both twins made the WWE official by announcing their retirement in 2019.

Real Estate

In October 2020, it was reported that Nikki and her sister, who is similar to her, would move to Napa Valley. Before deciding to move, the twins insisted that they were “always in California” and did a lot of business there.

In an interview, both women stated that they planned to downsize and go to their “favorite state. Nikki’s statement was the justification behind her selling her Arizona residence. The twins also disclosed plans to increase the size of their Napa Valley winery.


Brie’s first child was born in 2017. In 2020, both women fell pregnant at the same time, albeit Brie gave birth first. Artem Chigvintsev, Nikki’s former dancing partner from “Dancing with the Stars,” is her husband.

Daniel Bryan, a fellow professional wrestler, is Brie’s husband, and the couple has two kids. John Cena and Nikki were previously engaged, but they decided against getting married.

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