Top 5 Highest-Paid Players In Real Madrid And Their Salary

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All of the top football players in the world call Real Madrid home. Almost many athletes dream of wearing dazzling white colors at least once during their playing careers. If you join the Galacticos, you’ll undoubtedly earn more money than any of your other athletes.

1. Eden Hazard

With a salary of more than £516,000 a week, Eden Hazard is the highest-paid Real Madrid player. In the summer of 2018, Chelsea sold the Belgian player for £120 million. He was under contract for just one more year, but his skill was worth the expensive price.

Madrid saw Hazard as the talismanic successor to Cristiano Ronaldo after the Belgian established himself as a world-class player in the Premier League. In order to play on the left flank like the Portuguese, Hazard even put on the number seven jersey. He played in 18 games with 0 goals the previous season.

2. Karim Benzema

In Real Madrid’s productive season in 2002–2002, Karim Benzema was the star player. For Los Blancos, he garnered three trophies. Last year, Madrid’s Champions League victory was made possible by the Frenchman.

In the knockout round, he notched hat-trick victories over PSG and Chelsea. He is Real Madrid’s second-highest-paid player, earning £405,000 each week. In 12 UCL games and 32 La Liga games, Benzema scored 27 goals overall. For Real Madrid over the previous few years, he has been legendary.

3. David Alaba

In the summer of 2021, David Alaba signed a five-year contract and joined Real Madrid. He took Sergio Ramos’s number 4 jersey spot. In his inaugural El Clásico, he beat Barcelona and scored his first goal. He joins Hans Krankl as the only other Austrian player to have scored in El Clasico history.

4. Luka Modric

One of the top midfielders in the league, Luka Modric has won the Balon d’Or. He deserves to be honored as one of Real Madrid’s most significant players because of his outstanding performance for the club over the past ten years.

It was Modric’s ninth season with Los Blancos as he continued to play in the final year of his contract. He extended his agreement until June 8, 2023. He continues to play a crucial role in the midfield, helping to set up the team’s offense and occasionally contributing to significant goals.

5. Toni Kroos

Following a contract with David Moyes, Kroos was set to join Manchester United. Carlo Ancelotti called him around the time of the 2014 World Cup. Real Madrid acquired Kroos in the summer of 2014 for an unknown price.

Kroos joined Real Madrid, becoming the seventh German player to do so. In the 2014 UEFA Super Cup, he made his debut against Sevilla and went on to win his first title with Real Madrid.

Over the next four years, Kroos was crucial to establishing European dominance. He won his fifth championship last year as Madrid won the Champions League for 2021–2022.

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