Top 10 Most Populated Countries In The World And Their Populations

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The most recent population statistics for each nation are included on the list, and the national statistical body is typically cited as the relevant source.

The list covers a few significant geographical areas, independent states, certain administrative entities for comparison, and a number of dependent territories. The list displays each country’s population as of the most recent data available.

The majority of the information is based on 2022 and 2021. The list covers population predictions and estimates from the United Nations Population Division for nations whose data is out-of-date or for whom population statistics have not been released.

1. China: Population –  1.45 billion 

The nation with the most citizens worldwide is the “Middle Kingdom” in East Asia. In China, Han Chinese make up about 90% of the population.

The largest ethnic groups in China are the Uyghurs, who number around 10 million, and the Tibetans, who number about 3 million. There are more than 50 recognized ethnic groups in China.

2. India: Population – 1.4 billion 

The nation commonly referred to as Bharat, has the second-highest population in both Asia and the entire world.

India has several diverse ethnic groupings, and its constitution recognizes 22 of them as official languages. The traditional caste system is still in use in Hindu society. With 200 million residents, Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India.

3. United States: Population – 332,529,000

The US, which makes up the majority of central North America, is the continent’s most populated nation. With 65% of Americans identifying as Christians today, it is also the nation with the greatest Christian population in the world.

With 39.5 million inhabitants, California is the US state with the highest population. New York City, which has 8.4 million residents, is the most populated city.

4. Indonesia: Population – 275,000,500

Indonesia is the most populous island nation in Maritime Southeast Asia, the most populous Islamic nation, and the most populous sovereign state.

5. Pakistan: Population – 229,489,000

The second-most populated Islamic nation is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which is also the third-most populous country in Asia.

The country is populated by six primary ethnic groups. Punjabis (45%), Pashtuns (15%), Sindhis (14%), and Saraikis (8%), who make up the largest ethnic group, are next. In Pakistan, Muslims make up about 96% of the population.

6. Nigeria: Population – 216,747,000

The Gulf of Guinea is bordered by the country of Nigeria in Western Africa. It has the highest population growth rate of any country in Africa and is the most populous.

Hausa (30%), Yoruba (15%), Igbo (Ibo) (15%), and Fulani (6%), are the major ethnic groupings in the country.

Muslims (53%), primarily Sunni, make up more than half of the population in Nigeria. Christians from various denominations make up 45% of the population.

7. Brazil: Population – 214,283,000

The second-most populous nation in the Western Hemisphere after the United States, Brazil is the biggest and most populated nation in South America.

It is also the nation with the second-highest percentage of Christians in the world, with 65% Roman Catholics and 22% Protestants. Portuguese from Brazil is used in conversation.

8. Bangladesh: Population – 167,886,000

Bangladesh is located between India and Myanmar in the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta. Bangladesh is the world’s most densely inhabited big country, with an area little larger than half the size of the United Kingdom. The official religion is Islam.

9.  Russia: Population – 145,800,000

The population count includes the Crimean Peninsula, which is under Russian control. A transcontinental country located in northern Asia and Eastern Europe is the largest country in the globe. Russians make up more than 80% of the population in this nation.

The European region of Russia is home to almost two-thirds of its population. Russian is the official language.

In Russia, between 15 and 20% of believers are Russian Orthodox, while 17% are Muslims. Russia features a sizable population of non-practicing believers and atheists as a result of the Soviet Union’s more than seven decades of official atheism.

10.  Mexico: Population – 126,014,000

The second-most populated country on the North American continent and the most populous Spanish-speaking nation in the world is Mexico, which is also North America’s third-largest country by area.

Perhaps surprisingly, Mexico also has the third-highest percentage of Christians (92.4%) in the entire world.

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