Mark Zuckerberg Is No Longer Seen As One Of The Top 20 Wealthiest People On The Planet

Net Worth:

First Mark Zuckerberg left school and never returned. He is now slipping from the top ranks of the richest people on the planet. With a total wealth of $55 billion, he is still doing well, but this is a startling decrease from where it was at the commencement of the year when it exceeded $125 billion and appeared to be heading toward $150 billion.

The trappings of private fortune and lists of the richest people in the world have long been claimed to be of no interest to Zuckerberg. The excellent thing is that Mark is no longer among the top 20 wealthiest persons in the world as of this writing, which is significant.

On our list of the 100 richest individuals all over the world, he is now ranked number 22 (Vladimir Putin is number one on the list with $70 billion in wealth). Behind only Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates in terms of wealth at the start of the year, Mark was the fourth wealthiest person on the planet. Just how much money Zuck has lost throughout those several months is astonishing to observe.

How’d it happened?

Over the course of 2022, the stock market value of Zuckerberg’s Facebook/Meta empire had multiple abrupt decreases. As a result, the majority of Zuckerberg’s net wealth, which is invested in Facebook stock, was lost, amounting to almost $70 billion.

Of course, Facebook isn’t the first business to experience a decline in its stock price in a shaky economy, but it’s interesting to note that while Zuckerberg has dropped out of the top 20, Musk, Bezos, and Gates have all remained among the world’s five wealthiest individuals.

While also watching much of Facebook and Instagram’s prominence be devoured by competitor video network TikTok, Zuckerberg has had a difficult time getting his augmented world “Metaverse” off the ground. We’ll have to wait and see if he has any sort of turnaround soon.

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