Lionel Messi surpasses all previous records for the most liked Instagram post

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Lionel Messi has scored another minor success against Cristiano Ronaldo by capturing the title of the most-liked Instagram post by a sportsperson. This comes after Messi led Argentina to their third-ever FIFA World Cup championship following their victory over France.

The “egg post” was previously the most-liked Instagram post in history until Lionel Messi’s World Cup-winning photo overtook it. The uncracked egg has 56.1 million likes as of the time of this writing, but the post has now surpassed it with 56.8 million.

The PSG star posted ten images to Instagram after Argentina’s thrilling penalty shootout triumph over France, capturing the celebrations in Qatar. The PSG star wrote, “CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!” as the caption for the images. I can’t believe it; I dreamed about falling so frequently and desired it so much.

“I want to express my gratitude to my family, my supporters, and everyone who had faith in us. We once again demonstrated that Argentines can accomplish their goals when they fight together and stand as a nation.

“The merit belongs to this ensemble, which is above individualities; it is the power of everyone fighting for the same dream, which was also a dream of all Argentinians.

“We accomplished it! LET’S GO, ARGENTINA, DAMN IT! We’ll meet up soon.

Ahead of the World Cup, Ronaldo posted an advertisement for Louis Vuitton in which he was seen playing chess with Messi. The post received 41.9 million likes, surpassing Ronaldo’s previous month-old post by a wide margin.

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