Former Russian billionaire Dmitry Zelenov’s family is fighting over his assets after he passed away mysteriousely last year

Net Worth:

A startling number of Russian oligarchs have mysteriously passed away in recent years, including the late real estate magnate Dmitry Zelenov, who was previously one of the country’s youngest billionaires. However, much of his riches were destroyed during the financial meltdown of the late 2000s.

Zelenov apparently became ill at a dinner party on the French Riviera in December of last year. He then reportedly fell over a railing, struck his head, and succumbed to his injuries.

According to Forbes, Zelenov’s family is currently at odds over how to divide his assets because he passed away without leaving a will.

Despite the fact that Zelenov was just 50 years old and probably no longer a billionaire, it is nonetheless remarkable for someone who is so affluent to pass away without leaving a will. And it’s brought about, to put it mildly, a difficult scenario with his surviving family members.

According to reports, Zelenov’s wife Natalia Dvoryanynova, and one of their sons, Michael Zelenov, have sued Zelenov’s parents and his adult daughter/financial advisor for allegedly preventing them from accessing Zelenov’s most valuable assets.

They claim that more than 24 vehicles from Zelenov’s collection—which includes four Mercedes, two Bentleys, and a Rolls Royce—had been stolen—and that the locks on their Moscow residence have been changed.

The Dvoryanynova lawsuit continues by stating that the automobiles alone are worth seven figures and that she and Michael have also been cut off from revenue sources including posh rental homes that Zelenov owned in Courchevel, France, and Alpine, New Jersey.

The actual extent of Zelenov’s wealth may never be determined due to his absence of a will, the fact that his assets were not kept in trust but rather in a convoluted web of LLCs and other financial companies, as well as his status as a permanent resident of Cyprus for tax reasons. According to the lawsuit:

“The depth of Zelenov’s holdings will [probably] never be brought to the forefront absent investigation into… bank records, personal financial accounts, wire information, and other economic forensic/historical documents,”


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